3way 3Bet pot Overbet Shove on the river

pokerrr2 app (basically runs as a live game)
0.25$/0.5$ (optional UTG straddle to 1$) 150$ CAP
8 handed

V1 UTG puts in a straddle to 1$
MP1 opens to 4$
Folds to Hero on the BTN with AdQc and Hero 3Bets to 7.5$ (covers)
V1 from SB cold calls the 3-Bet (eff. 71$)
V2 from Utg also does (eff. 157.30$)
MP1 folds
Both Villains are loose passive recs
We go 3 ways to the flop

flop (24.75$)
7d Js Tc
It checks arround

turn (24.75$)
7d Js Tc 9s
V1 checks
V2 bets 18.30$
Hero calls
V1 calls

river (79.65$)
7d Js Tc 9s 8d
V1 checks
V2 overbets shove for 131.50$

Even though we block the KQ, there are still many combos and is this ever just a Qx hand? Especially with another person left to act behind us...