$2 NLHE 6-max: Pair and Flushdraw Is their anyway not to get stacked


jae locke

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Feb 7, 2013
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No Limit Hold'em $0.01/$0.02
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6 players
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MP - MP (
CO - CO (
SB - Hero (
BB - BB (

Preflop: (
$0.03, 6 players) Hero is SB with K♦ J♦
1 fold, MP raises to $0.05, 1 fold, BTN calls $0.05, Hero calls $0.04, 1 fold

4♦ T♦ J♥ ($0.17, 3 players - BTN: $2.55, Hero: $4.37, MP: $3.74)
Hero checks,
MP bets $0.11, 1 fold, Hero raises to $0.33, MP raises to $0.81, Hero calls $0.48

2♠ ($1.79, 2 players - Hero: $3.56, MP: $2.93)
Hero checks,
MP bets $1.26, Hero raises to $3.56 (all-in), MP calls $1.67 (all-in), Uncalled bet of $0.63 returned to Hero

4♣ ($7.65, 2 players, 1 all-in - Hero: $0.63, MP: $0.00)

Total Pot:
Hero shows
K♦ J♦ (two pair, Jacks and Fours [Jh Jd 4d 4c Kd])
MP shows
Q♣ Q♦ (two pair, Queens and Fours [Qd Qc 4d 4c Jh])

MP wins $7.27 from main pot


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Sep 16, 2010
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I prefer just call flop bet. You have strong draw, but its still draw and villain have decent amount of better hands. You have two streets to build pot if you get stronger.


Dec 4, 2020
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On the flop, against his precise hand, you have 48.3% equity, but then only 29.6% on the turn. So you shove a street too late to realise the equity.

However, in practice we don't know villain's hand, but play against a range, and it's really hard to assign a range without any reads. Was villain raising and ramming every hand (in which case you have greater than 48% equity against his range)? Or was he a nit, who was only entering the pot with premium pairs, and only betting with top pair plus (in which case you have less than 48% equity against his range)? If he was a maniac, then no way we get off this hand. If he's a nit, then think we can comfortably get away on the turn, as his range is largely sets, two pairs and overpairs.


Feb 13, 2018
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Some probably wont like the flat from the SB but I am fine with it especially a hand that could flop well like KJ suited but isnt overly strong either. If you think two villains will fold a lot pre then I like raising big there but I prefer calling as you did as you usually wont get the folds that you need.

On the flop, I like the raise as this is a strong hand with top pair, 2nd kicker, and 2nd nut flush draw. If we want to play for stacks eventually in this hand it helps to raise here and build the pot. When villain raises us back we need to pause and realize what hands do this to us. I dont think Ax of diamonds raises back here, they might at times but overall I think a lot of players just call that raise there. They cant have AJ or A10 of diamonds so it would be a naked ace (AQ would have gutter) but still I dont think this is 2 diamonds. It isnt a bluff either so I think we are looking at (because of K&J blocker) AA, QQ, 1010, or rarely 44 or AQ diamonds. So we are behind a little but also have a hand that could stack our opponent. I would call the raise on the flop but know your opponents range there.

On the turn Im not check raising here. Im either folding or just calling and hope to hit the my card. If we go the latter route we have to assume we will get it all to make sense so it would be calling $1.26 to hopefully eventually get the $7.65 that would be if we both got all in. That might be flawed thinking as a dimaond on the river could make villain fold but many wont fold a set or aces there. If thats the case we are getting about 6 to 1 on that call. So I can see calling there but why raise? You know what hands villain has and they arent folding any of them and I dont think you are beating any of them outside that slim chance AQ diamonds. Therefore I like either getting away here or calling and trying to play it perfectly where you fold river if you dont get it and open jam river if you hit it.


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Jan 13, 2019
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I think the call from the SB pre is fine. against two players this is a nice hand to take a flop even if we are oop,
Villains continuing range is likely to be much tighter and value weighted on the flop against two opponents so overpairs, AJ and maybe some Broadways with straight draws.
As others have said I don't really like the check raise, you have a hand that you can easily call 1 or two streets without bloating the pot. When he re- raises you your in a pretty sick spot. Very likely behind and the hand just falls apart after this.


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Jul 27, 2018
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Agree with others.

Also, read about SPR (Stack to pot ratio). You're playing this hand as if you are pot committed when you really are not.

Villain's line on flop is very strong, to me suggests most likely an overpair or set.

In my opinion you should be more inclined to ditch in this spot on the turn rather than bloat the pot when you should expect to be behind unless the draw comes in. At best you should just be check/calling with correct pot odds on turn or folding. You can argue for a call with implied odds but I think it is fine to fold. I think you have very little fold equity. Villain has been making it clear he wants to play for stacks.

Player type matters as someone else mentioned. Against loose bluffy maniacs getting it all in is acceptable.
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