$10 NLHE Full Ring: Are you ready to drop a high flush on the river?



Feb 13, 2018
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You got max value here but I am not a fan of how you got there. The flop is a flop that does not hit anyone that raised or called particularly hard although a little possible villain has 4x but there are so many hands that we are beating there that will call us like 55 and 77-99 that might not have raised pre flop. Plus there will be many floats since villain will think we could be wide so I believe you are missing a value bet on the flop.

The turn smacks us and then yes as played we should be checking but I am not sure I would check raise there. I know that is the way to pump up the pot which we need to do now because of the manner we played the flop but a lot bets from villain are just feelers and will fold which is fine but we would normally get more there by only calling and trying to let them continue the story on the river. It worked for you since the flush came in but you were dependent on that or villain having 4x to get something on the river.

Again, as played on the turn you have to check there are you did and same on the river but I think this hand in the long run plays better by betting the flop. It was nice for you that villain experienced reverse implied odds at their finest but you cant always count on that. If you did play this hand though with the intention of betting any river that was not a diamond and then checking a diamond to induce then I was too hard on you above and say nice play but I still feel it is better to bet the flop on this board texture and proceed from there.


May 2, 2019
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In preflop, villain catches your opening as a standard.
If we choose a smaller aperture size, possibly our range would be perceived as wider. But since we are OOP, our value range is most likely very strong. So if we want to have hidden value hands in our range, it is a very good size to consider preflop.
The flop is quite dry, so we can check a sometimes in these spots. Another option could be to make a small cbet. And another option is to make a size larger than half the pot, to definitely polarize ourselves. This last alternative can be applied better when playing with wide ranges as in this case, BvB.
The turn is a street that favors range V more than ours. New flush draw combos are opening, and we could bet for the protection of our values. As played we hope to induce bets to bombard with our best bluffs.
On the river the problem with checking is that our passive line is not very credible. The reason is that we represent the best flush draws (obviously villain knows that's not possible, because he has his semi nuts). So we are inducing the villain to check a high percentage of the time, when he does not complete his flush.
As we have played the turn, we should now hope that any loose blocker V has (Ad; Kd) can fold and make our bluffs profitable, for example with AK without diamonds.
And if he pays us with the majority of his range (we are only defeated by a combo of 4), part of his calling range could become a bluff, so we could make a neutral bet to induce that bluff or that V can to pay with hands that are marginal for this texture. For example: K9; TT; etc.
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