Celebrities Give WSOP Main Event Some Shine, One Contender is Still Fighting

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event always attracts the biggest names in poker but, as we’ve seen this year, it remains a draw for mainstream celebrities.

sergio aguero

The record-breaking WSOP Main Event has attracted a number of famous faces, including Argentinian soccer legend, Sergio Agüero. (Image: Instagram/kunaguero)

The 2023 WSOP Main Event will be forever remembered as the first one to break the 10,000 player mark. That means the eventual winner will earn a spot in the history books and become a star in their own right.

Although the chances of that person being a celebrity are fading fast, it’s still a possibility. This year’s $10,000 Big Dance has attracted a galaxy’s worth of stars. For example, restaurateur, TV host, and lover of almost anything deep fried, Guy Fieri, unveiled the 2023 WSOP Main Event winner’s bracelet.

Guy Fieri gives WSOP Main Event some star power

He entered the Horseshoe Casino amid the sound of drums and, after revealing the bling, he gave the obligatory “shuffle up and deal” to those awaiting the start of Day 2 (see video below).

Joining Fieri in the spotlight during this year’s Main Event were sports stars Sergio Agüero and Ryan Garcia. Agüero, considered by many as one of the best soccer players of the last decade, anted up on Day 1C. Although he tried to keep a low profile, an Instagram post to his 30 million follows gave the game away.

Sergio Agüero 2

Sergio Agüero tried to lay low in the WSOP Main Event but his Instagram post gave things away. (Image: Instagram/kunaguero)

Agüero has played poker for a while and has two live cashes. Even though those cashes only amount to $5,920, the Argentinian clearly knows how to mix it up in $10,000 as he made it through Day 2.

Boxing star still punching in WSOP Main Event

That was where his journey ended, but one sports star who remains a contender in the 2023 WSOP Main Event is Ryan Garcia. The professional boxer has bobbed, weaved, and jabbed his way to Day 4 with a more than playable stack. Garcia has some work to do, but he ended Day 3 in 246th place with 1,517 players remaining.

One celebrity who didn’t make it through Day 3 was Hoodie Allen aka Steven Markowitz. The rapper might not become this year’s World Champion, but he’s got one of the best stories to tell.

Markowitz made it through Day 1 with a healthy stack and was going strong on Day 2 until he was forced to leave. However, it wasn’t a bad beat that sent him to the rail, it was a friend’s wedding. Hoodie Allen had to hop on a flight to New York before the close of play on Day 2 so he could attend the wedding.

His stack remained live, so he flew straight back to Las Vegas after the wedding. The blinds didn’t decimate Hoodie Allen’s stack but, on the fourth hand of Day 3, he was all-in with pocket aces. Unfortunately, his aces didn’t hold, which meant Hoodie Allen was out after just 15 minutes of play. It was a valiant effort and a great story for his next track but, unfortunately, Hoodie Allen won’t be the 2023 WSOP Main Event champion.

Greatest Show on Earth

Other celebrities that made an appearance in poker’s biggest tournament were NFL Hall of Famer Richard Seymour and chess aces, Alexandra Botez. And, for final sprinkling of stardust, Hugh Jackman joined the record-breaking crowd. Well, that’s what people with less than perfect eyesight might have thought.

In reality, the Greatest Showman making his way to the tournament area on Day 1D was actually Phil Hellmuth. As you can see from the video below, the 17-time bracelet winner made one of his customary entrances with the help of Dan Cates as the lion .

The WSOP Main Event continues to go from strength to strength. The celebrities in attendance prove its appeal extends beyond poker, which is why this year’s record may be surpassed in 2024.

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