Poker Fundraising Gets Political with Online Tournament to Support Biden-Harris

The Winning Women for Biden-Harris Facebook group is hosting a virtual poker tournament to raise money for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Oct. 4. Many high-profile poker pros will compete, including Greg Raymer, Jennifer Harman, Jennifer Shahade, Maria Ho, and Linda Johnson (aka the “First Lady of Poker”). Lena Evans, who founded the women’s poker organization, Poker League of Nations, is the face behind the political group.

Joe Biden Lena Evans poker

Lena Evans poses with US presidential candidate Joe Biden. (Image: Lena Evans)

Evans has organized and hosted Democratic fundraisers for the past 30 years. She worked on Hillary Clinton’s National Finance Team in 2016. More recently, during the Democratic primaries, she helped fundraise for Andrew Yang, who openly supports nationwide legal online poker. The women’s poker advocate is currently the National Co-Chair of the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Biden Finance team.

Her task now is to help Biden send Donald Trump packing. That won’t be an easy task, as President Trump has a large and loyal following. And despite national polls that say he’s about seven points behind, he was in a similar position in 2016 and still defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

So, to ensure a repeat of Election Day 2016 doesn’t occur, Evans’ group is helping the 2020 Democratic candidate fundraise. Part of those fundraising efforts include a virtual poker tournament on the PokerStars play money app. Interested players can register by clicking the following link to send a $100 contribution to the Biden Victory Fund.

Upon registering, an invitation to the virtual private poker Home Game will be sent. Those who reach the final table will receive prizes donated by Suited Poker Gear. Questions about the event should be emailed to

Former Poker World Champion Goes All-In on Biden

Greg Raymer is ridin’ with Biden. The 2004 WSOP Main Event champion, who will compete in the virtual poker tournament, is ready to remove Donald Trump from office.

“If you’re a Democrat or on the liberal or progressive side of politics, you already support Biden,” Raymer told CardsChat News. “Even if you’re a die-hard conservative and/or Republican, you should prefer to vote for Biden. Trump and his enablers are literally undermining our democracy, and turning our country into a dictatorship.”

Raymer said that those who “truly love America” should vote for Biden. “Fossilman” argues that a second Trump term could pose a threat to democracy.

“We cannot reelect a president who actively avoids oversight, who thumbs his nose at the rule of law, who fires those who would question his authority when he oversteps, or investigate his suspect activities,” Raymer continues.

Poker pro and chess player Jennifer Shahade sides with the former world champion.

“It’s never been more important to vote and to put all our energy into glorious victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Shahade said.

Shahade says the future of the country is dependent on electing Barack Obama’s former VP. She’s concerned with Trump’s “anti-science stance,” and his handling of the global health pandemic.

The coronavirus has spread throughout the US, with over 203,000 Americans dead since February. Journalist Bob Woodward recently released an audio clip of Trump admitting he publicly downplayed the virus to avoid panic. Shahade argues that the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19 should disqualify him from the presidency.

“As a poker and chess player, I am proud to stand with other gamers and say, we’ve looked a few moves ahead, and we know what we have to do now,” Shahade says.


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