GGPoker Opens Final Table Betting Markets with PokerShares

GGPoker has added another stitch to its ever-expanding tapestry of features thanks to a new partnership with PokerShares.


GGPoker has partnered with PokerShares to allow betting on its final table line-ups. (Image: Twitter/GGPoker)

Off the back of hosting WSOP Online events and introducing novel products like SnapCam, GGPoker now has final table betting markets.

By linking up with PokerShares, GGPoker is able to offer odds on its final table line-ups. The first market open to bettors is the final table of the SuperMILLION$.

Bet on GGPoker Final Tables

You have to be a member of GGPoker to place a bet. Once you’ve located a final table, odds will appear next to each player’s name. You can then bet between $0.01 and $500 on the finalist you think will win.

GGPoker is sweetening the initial deal by offering a 10% price boost if you pick the winner. The extra money you win will be paid out in tournament tickets, while the main part of the wager will be returned in cash.

Betting on poker isn’t a new concept. Established bookmakers have accepted bets on the WSOP Main Event for the best part of a decade. However, markets for online finales are less common.

GGPoker now has the opportunity to lead the way in this area, as it’s done in others over the past two years. Coming almost from nowhere, it’s now the third-largest site in the world and, arguably, the most improved operator of 2020.

Time is Right for Online Poker Betting Markets

The deal with PokerShares not only taps into the latest trend of online poker as a form of entertainment, it’s also very much in line with the zeitgeist. COVID-19 has shifted the goalposts in 2020.

Live events have been replaced by digital tournaments. As such, it’s a great time to parlay renewed interest in online poker into a new feature that could become more popular in the coming years. Live tournaments will return, but the popularity of this year’s innovations can’t be ignored.

Both the WSOP’s and WPT’s online festivals exceeded expectations. So too have smaller series that made the switch due to COVID-19 restrictions. Poker companies can’t, and won’t, ignore these facts.

That means we may see more major events taking place online. In tandem with live streams complete with commentary, final table betting would make them more of a spectacle and, in turn, a more engaging form of entertainment.

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