GGPoker Flip & Go Millionaire Returns with Mega Million Dollar Prize

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GGPoker is parlaying the success of its Flip & Gos into another $1 million special event in November and, this year, players can qualify for just $0.11.

GGPoker has announced the return of its unique $1 million guaranteed tournament, Flip & Go Millionaire. (Image: GGPoker)

The inaugural Flip & Go Millionaire in 2022 attracted 20,000 players who generated close to 100,000. GGPoker is aiming to surpass that figure this year.

With the buy-in set at $11, qualifiers costing less than a dollar, and Flip Stages running every hour from November 1 to 10, there will be plenty of opportunities to play for everyone.

But, regardless of how many players ante-up, players who make it through to the Go Stage of the tournament on November 11 will be playing for a share of at least $1 million.

Flip & Go Millionaire flips script on MTTs

As it was in 2022, this year’s Flip & Go Millionaire is split into two stages: Flip and Go. Players can buy into a Flip Stage for $11 or earn a seat through one of the many qualifiers running on GGPoker. There will be 24 of these Flip Stage tournaments running every day from November 1.

Players start with three cards and players have to discard one. After that, everyone’s chips go in the middle for an all-in showdown. The player who survives progresses to the Go Stage of the tournament.

The Go Stage starts on November 11 with all the players who qualified locking up a share of the prizepool. Unlike the previous round, the Go Stage plays out like a traditional No Limit Hold’em tournament. That means no more all-in flips unless two or more players want them.

Another novel twist in this year’s Flip & Go Millionaire is the option to enter more than once. Players who qualify or buy-in for $11 get a baseline starting stack. However, anyone who wants a better shot at making it through a Flip Stage can increase the size of their stack for a price.

GGPoker gives everyone a shot at $1 million

Each additional buy-in adds chips to someone’s stack. For example, if someone pays four times the buy-in (i.e. $44), they get 4X the standard starting stack. Doing this can help someone survive an initial all-in if at least one other person has a smaller starting stack.

But, as is the nature of this unique online tournament, your time in the Flip Stage is limited. The all-ins continues until one player has all the chips. That means a Flip Stage is over in just a few seconds but, more importantly, it means skilled players don’t have an edge over novices.

Anyone can make it through the initial stage and lock up some cash if luck is on their side. Of course, making it through the knockout part of the tournament won’t be as easy, but the fact that skill is removed from the first stage makes it an attractive proposition for novices.

One player who took full advantage of the unique structure was last year’s winner ifhedieshedies. The online poker player came through the madness in 2022 to win the Flip & Go Millionaire for $54,929. This year, anyone with access to GGPoker has the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and flip their way to a payday worth more than $50,000.

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