Dusk Till Dawn Gambles on Poker by Removing Casino Tables

The UK’s Dusk Till Dawn is going back to its roots by removing all casino gaming tables and focusing specifically on poker.

Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong has removed gaming tables from his club and made it a pure poker venue. (Image: Dusk Till Dawn)

The change of tact was made public by owner Rob Yong last week. Admitting his focus on the live venue has slipped due to commitments with Partypoker, he recently made the call to switch things up.

In his video tweet, Yong said the time is right to remove all casino gaming tables.

Bye Bye Blackjack, Et Al.

A new sports bar will go in the space left behind by the table games, but Yong also said the restructuring will allow for bigger and better future poker events.

The majority of players reacting to the news came out in favor of the decision. Many of those who responded to Yong said they’re more likely to return to the felt now that casino games are off the menu.

Explaining why casino games have been removed (see video above), Yong said gaming regulations in the UK have put pressure on the business. Besides that, recent references to him being a “casino owner” prompted Yong to reassess his position in the industry.

When Yong opened Dusk Till Dawn in 2007, it was billed as Europe’s largest live poker room. It’s since become one of the leading poker venues in the world, hosting events such as WPT UK and the Partypoker Millions.

Following the events of Black Friday in 2011, businesses across the industry took a hit. Casino games, such as blackjack and roulette, were eventually brought in as a way of generating more revenue.

The most memorable moment at Dusk Till Dawn’s casino tables took place in 2018. After winning the UK Poker Championships high roller, Jake Cody decided to gamble his winnings on roulette.

With permission from Yong, Cody bet £42,670 (worth $59,992 at the time) on black. When the wheel stopped spinning, black 22 was the final result.

That wager earned Cody $119,984 and a place in British poker folklore.

Dusk Till Dawn Back to Basics

Despite some memorable moments, Yong believes the time is right for casino games to make way for poker. Although Dusk Till Dawn is its own entity, the move is also a sign of the times.

Looking across the industry as a whole, tournaments, operators, and live venues have enjoyed upswings over the last 12 months. In the UK, tournament fields at events such as the Goliath reached new highs in 2019.

Outside of Dusk Till Dawn’s homeland, European poker festivals, the WSOP and more have all enjoyed bumper years. This uptick in interest has given Yong the impetus to take his club back to basics and provide players with one of the best live poker experiences in the world.

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