Chris Moorman Beats His Wife (in WSOP Online Circuit Event)

Relationships in the Moorman household may be a little strained this week after Chris Moorman beat his wife, Katie Lindsay, in a WSOP Online Circuit Super Series event.

Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay

Chris Moorman and wife Katie Lindsay delivered a 1-2 punch this week in a WSOP Online Circuit event. (Image: 888Poker)

With 410 players paying the $320 buy-in and 202 re-entries added to the mix, the odds of Moorman and Lindsay meeting were low.

However, when the rest fell away, the happy couple had to put their wedding vows on hold. Instead of working to protect each other, self-preservation was the name of the game.

Luck Gifts Moorman a WSOP Online Circuit Win

Moorman has more tournament earnings and accolades than his wife. However, Lindsay is no slouch.

She has multiple WSOP cashes to her name, three titles, and more than $385,000 in live earnings. Add to this a burning desire to win a WSOP Circuit ring, and Lindsay was baying for blood at the final table.

But, as it often does, luck had its say. Even though Lindsay pulled ahead at one point, Moorman won the title and $19,510 first-place prize thanks to a fortunate river card. More importantly, perhaps, is that Moorman also claimed a WSOP Circuit ring — a prize Lindsay eagerly wanted to add to her jewelry collection.

The final hand saw Lindsay commit her chips with Q♥ 4♦. Moorman made the call with J♣ 10♠. Things were looking good for Lindsay when the board ran out 9♣ 3♣ Q♦ 4♥. However, the 8♣ on the river gave Moorman a straight and the victory.

Speaking to Pokernews after winning his first WSOP Circuit ring, Moorman said he knew how much his wife wanted to win this title. Despite that, he still tried his best and had to get lucky to win.

One-On-One Action Always Tricky for Couples

That’s an important fact to bear in mind. In among the congratulatory tweets, someone raised a question about collusion.

There is no evidence the two collaborated during the event. However, heads-up showdowns between partners can cause problems.

Kristen Bicknell and Alex Foxen were accused of soft play during a 2018 Mid-States Poker Tour final table. The pair finished first and second in the $5,000 event, and drew criticism from a number of pros.

James Obst and Joseph Cheong believe they were going easy on each other in an effort to squeeze out Kahle Burns. Bicknell and Foxen defended their actions and the matter was left at that.

However, the incident shows that couples can get into tricky spots if they’re not careful. For her part, Katie Lindsay said she would never take it easy against her husband.

She told poker fans that she played the finale in a different room and always goes hard against Moorman.

On this occasion, he got the run of the cards, but next time, she’ll be looking for revenge. Either way, it’s been a profitable week for one of poker’s power couples.

Written by
Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.


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BetOnLine wont allow two players from same IP address to play in a tourney . it should be a rule at all online sites .

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