Bryn Kenney Calls Out Phil Hellmuth: Prove You’re the G.O.A.T.

Bryn Kenney wants Phil Hellmuth to stop talking and start proving he’s the best in the world by competing against the top poker pros. The “Poker Brat” continually claims he is still the best in the game, but many question if he’s done much to prove that in recent years.

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Bryn Kenney wants a piece of Phil Hellmuth. (Image:

Hellmuth recently defeated Daniel Negreanu in a heads-up match on PokerGO’s “High Stakes Duel II” show. But the sit n go one-off format doesn’t really prove much. Variance was a contributing factor in his victory, and he needed numerous lucky hands to rally from a 19-1 chip disadvantage at one point.

He’ll have another opportunity soon to defeat Negreanu in Round 2, worth $200,000. Kenney is one of many high stakes pros who is apparently fed up with Hellmuth’s chirping. He wants the WSOP bracelet record-holder to put his money where his mouth is.

What’s all this white magic and apexpredator s**t I’m hearing @Phil_hellmuth. We know who is king of the hill, but if you want your shot at the top let’s put up a million each and give the people what they want,” Bryn Kenney tweeted.

Phil Hellmuth vs. Bryn Kenney?

The chances of a Hellmuth vs. Kenney heads-up battle, unless it’s another sit n go style match, are slim. Hellmuth’s never taken on any sort of lengthy online heads-up challenge, similar to what Negreanu faced against Doug Polk.

Bryn Kenney is poker’s all-time winningest live tournament player at $56.4 million. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the best player. Part of that record is inflated by a $20.5 million cash for second place in the $1 million Big One for One Drop in Europe in 2019. With that said, he’s won an additional $36 million outside of that one-off, and is consistently among the top performers in high rollers all around the world.

“I’ve been crushing the highest stakes of MTTs for 15+ years, the toughest games have been online and then live high rollers. Phil hasn’t been a real competitor since I’ve been around at high stakes. Also I’m happy to cross book 500-1000% in smaller mtts,” Kenney wrote.

Instead of trashing Kenney’s game, or just trash-talking in general, Hellmuth showered him with praise in a response to the callout tweet.

“Bryn – I have massive respect for you, I actually think you have a shot at becoming the poker GOAT (because you play all the games so well). Matusow thinks your the best! When you say I’m getting crushed at High Rollers, and it’s NOT true, seems like an attack on my legacy,” Hellmuth responded.

Hellmuth claims to have profited over $1 million lifetime in high rollers. There is no way to verify that as we only have access to cashes and not losses. But he does have over $24 million in live tournaments since 1987, ranking him 21st all-time.

The “Poker Brat” recently agreed to a $400,000 prop bet with Negreanu that he could turn a profit over 50 high rollers at Aria in Las Vegas. But it’s unlikely that bet will end any time in the near future, if ever.

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Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


Kenneth Latall wrote...

There are so many different niches now, in poker. Phil plays for bracelets and when it comes to that, he’s the GOAT. Polk is evidently the GOAT at online heads-up. You’ve got cash ring games. You can’t compare these things because it takes different skill sets to play each one. It’s like apples and oranges, even though it’s the same game being playing.

Leave Phil along. Let him do what he does best and you do what you do best.

Personally, if I could afford to play Polk heads-up, I think I’d take him and here’s why. Sometimes you try to isolate someone at a full table. Why? Because you can control them. Does GTO take advantage of what’s going on in a person’s mind, here and now, in the moment, as well as the next hand to come? No. But I would. Play GTO all you want against me heads-up and I expect to win.

Good Luck at the tables!

Hitch Christophers wrote...

How do these guys not get PHs schtick? They fall for it every single time and wonder why he keeps chirping.

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