Wasting time approaching the bubble



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Feb 7, 2021
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When should you or when shouldn't you waste time approaching the bubble in a tournament - or is it a bad strategy altogether?

Obviously you notice hands start to taking forever as the bubble comes up - It doesn't actually bother me. But sometimes I see players doing it and I think it seemed like a bad strategy for them.

For example; if it has entered H4H play and you are shorter stacked, UTG and the blinds are about to go up it is not better the get the hand over quicker and save your timebank for later. As it is H4H so if anyone goes out it will happen whilst your table is paused and by delaying the hand yourself you just allow blinds to go up on yourself.

Personally for me my approach is that I have a big stack and plenty of blinds there is no real need to waste time at any point in the orbit.
If I am short stacked and SB - Cut off in the orbit then I would tank. Especially if anyone UTG to my position is shorter than me.

What are your strategies and has anyone seen any articles about it online?



Nov 9, 2017
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I often encounter a waste of time.What do I think of it? in some cases it may be justified.I don't usually waste time, or very rarely if I have very few stacks.