Tournaments with Rebuys



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I have yet to find any stradegy for playing in a tourney that has rebuys. I have been in all levels of buy-ins at pokerstars from $2 to the $40.00 entry. I knew going in there would be a low level of playing with the all-inners on junk: only to rebuy to stay in. I thought get past the first hour and pay for an add-on and I will be sitting good for the rest of the tourney. I have lost every one of them miserable and seem to tilt the entire tourney. A 5.50 one I recall I gave myself a budget of 25 including the add-on to stay in. I did not have enough to add-on at the first played hour. It seems the norm to call all-in and the only way to survive is with a huge chip stack after the first hour. I will not be playing these for awhile but I am determined to try again to place for some real winnings. Any advice from all on a your stradegy for these tournaments:withstupi



I have given up on them. I've never placed in any of the 10-odd re-buy tourneys I've tried at Absolute. $5 tourney cost me $25 and a $2 cost me more then $10 in the end.

I've tried telling myself NO REBUYS -- just take your orignal stack as far as you can but when you think about it WHY EVEN ENTER THE DAMN THING TO BEGIN WITH!?

I'm just done with them until I can figure out the best stategy.


they only 'strategy' that i've ever seen employed is to go all in until you quadruple up, rebuying when you get knocked out. i don't play them myself, but my strategy would be to just sit out until right before the first break, go all in, then double rebuy and add on. this way you don't have to deal with the freeroll-like mentality, waisting all your money on rebuys. at pokerstars, there will often be three times as many rebuys as entries. that's just silly.



In order to be able to play rebuy tournaments succesfully, you need a HUGE bankroll in relation to the tournament buy-in. Lets say you are playing in the 5.50 rebuy on PokerStars. Give yourself $25-$30 for each tournament, you want a bankroll of $2500-$3000 in order to truly play comfortably.

Good rebuy players are VERY aggressive before the rebuy period is over. However, these tournaments are won with excellent post-flop play AFTER the rebuy...


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Not a fan of re-buys as i think perhaps sub-conciously you know if you lose you can always have another go and so maybe you game is weakened.

And what really is the point of add-ons but to get more money in the prize pool

*Note - Im talking more about general tourneys here and not of course about games as thats different.:D

I always look for freezeouts first as if you make a mistake or bad call its up to your own ability to recover without knowing you can just go all-in and then buy another go if it doesn't come off.



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One of the reasons that forum's such as ours run rebuy events is to attract players with a better prize pool. You'll now notice that our $5 and $10 buyin events are freezeouts and only our $2 events are rebuys. Without the rebuys at the low price events, many of our larger bankroll players would not invest their time. I personally always set a limit on how many rebuys myself but I don't mind them in a low priced event...