sometimes information is priceless

your in a big tournament($105 buy-in) with 1st place taking between $35k & $38k. You won a seat to this tournament through a $3.50 satellite. You're pretty deep into the tournament with 4 more eliminations and you are in the $$( guaranteed $250 ) You are looking pretty good with chips. You have about 4x more than the average player has in chips. Your strategy the last couple hours has kind of been semi aggressive with players in a hand that are low on chips, knowing they're just trying to hang on. You are feeling really good at this point, especially when another player just got knocked out.You are honestly not even thinking about the $250, you start looking at the payouts beyond that. 3 more eliminations until the $$. At your current table of 9 only 1 player has more chips than you. Over and over you tell yourself just don't get involved in a hand with that 1 player(Travis) at your table with more chips than you. Travis who is the player to your right has almost double the chips you do, and is close to being the chip leader in the tournament. The last 30 minutes everytime he's been in a hand you've folded and avoided him. You even chose to lay down sometimes information is pricelesssometimes information is priceless when he re-raised you during that time. It's a fold fest almost every hand at this point. The small blinds aren't even calling the half price hand. Needless to say it was easy to steal blinds at this point. You currently find yourself on the Big Blind with sometimes information is pricelesssometimes information is priceless. Everybody folds and the small blind(Travis) throws in the other half of his blind to call. In your head you laugh and think for a half of a second about just folding. Obviously Nobody is going to fold on the BB with a free check to see a flop. To your delight the flop comes sometimes information is pricelesssometimes information is pricelesssometimes information is priceless. Travis quickly checks and you throw out a bet of 2x the size of the pot. Incredibly before your chips even finish coming out of your hand Travis says "All-In".. WHAT THE ****!!! There is so many things running through the brain. First being to check the players left in the tournament. Unfortunately it's still 3 players away from the $$. Second thought was WHAT THE ****!!! Why bet roughly 175 BB into a pot with like 5 BB... He had to have known my chip stack was large... You can't accidentally hit the all button, it's more than a click away....That jokingly half a second thought of folding pre-flop was in my head.. Why didn't I just check after he checked the flop..all those payouts I was just looking at were popping up in my head... In reality It's only $3.50 if I call and get knocked out.. It's only a couple BB's lost if I just fold and $250 was basically in my pocket... $38,000 for 1st place...I could almost coast to a large payday...Why couldn't I just have a up and down straight flush draw??? Ultimately having a pair of 10's with the up and down straight flush draw would tilt my decision to calling. The risk\reward opportunity was something I couldn't pass on. I might be behind but love my draws, he might be on a flush draw making mine dead if he has sometimes information is priceless with any other heart but my pair of 10's winning. I'm sure everybody thinks about things completely differently than the next person, especially when some players have $50 in their checking account and some who have 6 figures in their checking account. I'm a $50 in my checking account guy. Even just the $250 goes a long way in my life. but I'm all about opportunities and taking them when presented. I can't lie... it wasn't the pair of 10's to go along with the up and down straight flush draw... or the risk\reward opportunity. I have to see what his cards are to make a bet like that.