Should you Jam All inn SB vs BB here? What Stack size to Jam here profitably?



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May 1, 2020
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Here are 3 hands from The Sunday Turbo 5dollar wich i won First place for 189 Dollars!
Should i Jam here? Would you Jam here? Your toughts about this? I guess i learned this from streamers and sometimes it seems to be nice and sometimes you get punished by a insta call from a good hand But it seems to be profitable aslong as you are around 15-20 big blinds? Or at what stack size do you think this All inn jam moves are okey to do? Think this was between 20-30 players left when this hands played!

First hand:

Second hand:

And Finally is this the result of him ''tilting abit'' or wanting revenge from my all inn raises earlier?

Third Hand:
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Jun 3, 2019
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The reason, why its common to start open jamming deeper blind vs. blind is, that good players will defend a lot against min-raising from SB, so you dont get the same fold equity, as you do from BTN or CO. If you then raise big, you lose to much, when they jam on you, and if you limp, this will also get attacked a lot. So against good aggressive players open jamming is often the least bad option from SB seat, simply because it takes their options away. They can either call or fold, and if you jam correctly, there is nothing, they can do to outplay you.

As for your hands, if he spite call you with Q8o or K3s, this is not the end of the world, if you fold K7s, but if you hold 98o, it sucks quite a bit. So K7s is a pretty mandatory jam, whereas 98o is a hand, that can be folded, if the opponent is a calling station. Or both hands can be limped, if he is passive and will allow that to happen.


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Feb 1, 2017
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depends on the other players- need to sus them out to see if they will react accordingly