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I am not quite sure what is up with me and not being able to get a screen shot over there at JetSet but I finally won my first MTT real money. I had to get a tournament history again from Jetset sorry about no screen shot.(I'm not sure if it is my keyboard or what)

This was a 2.50 + 50 PL Omaha h/l tournament. with 35 people.(not a big field but I am excited about it) I was short stacked at about 450 before the first break and just got some good hands to go into the break with about 2400 chips. This wasn't a rebuy tournament.

With some of the losses I have had the last few days at the cash table I am really Happy about this. I am going to thank cardschat again with the help improving my game.
Sorry this is long with the tournament report.

JetSetPoker Email Request by DESSERTLADY on 06/06/2006 14:50:07
Info requested: Tournament History, Last N Tournaments = 1

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tournament #995518 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Tournament Started: 06/06/2006 11:45:00
Tournament Ended: 06/06/2006 14:28:15

1) DESSERTLADY (Broken Arrow) (won $26.25)
2) Ramsfan1 (Glendale) (won $17.50)
3) SHARKCHRIS (engelwood) (won $10.06)
4) kat211913 (Seymour) (won $8.75)
5) unclefunky (vienna) (won $7)
6) mrsdan (OHIO) (won $5.68)
7) sandy726 (pottsville) (won $4.81)
8) jcrb1 (Santa Ana) (won $3.93)
9) TooShy (AllMafia.comregister.php?refer=TheRaven) (won $3.50)
10) Monique21 (Teddy Bear Land)
11) Radience (burbe)
12) Sasha (Amherst)
13) HoneySuckle (Bro'ly Love)
14) Jagasar (Swindon)
15) sher (toronto)
16) 2Slick4u (Atlanta)
17) ACEY (Plantsville)
18) kenap (high ridge)
19) penss (Kent)
20) acehigh74 (London)
21) Fab girl (Monett)
22) TheLizard (sydney)
23) natedog6969 (Robinsonville)
24) crossy27 (saint john)
25) gampanat (Goteborg)
26) ProudMary (family, friends, laughter &poker)
27) Tightwad (Yukon)
28) dunzzz (nora springs)
29) MiBabiBluz (Where ever I want to be)
30) needasetup (St. Cloud)
31) eggyeggy (gimme yer chips..then let me drown you)
32) SMITTYACE (Phoenix)
33) SoozeeQT (Huntington Beach)
34) Jimmy Hoffa (Clarks harbour)
35) Stars-Girl (Jetset City)


congrats on the 1st place - regardless whether it was 35 or 350, it's a great accomplishment
well done and may they keep on rollin in ;)


Congrats - even with a small field it's a good accomplishment, particularly building back from a short stack.


Yay Tina! Nice job. Like David said, way to go coming back from short stack. Those to me are the most satisfying wins when you have to battle your way back up from the basement. Way to go.


Thanks everyone.
I know Chuck what you are saying about either 35 or 350 but I am hoping one of these days it will be a 350 people tournament. Davis and Tammy, I was really surprised that I did make that comeback. Thanks again!

I try to do it again today in the $1. buyin just a bit ago and was getting some pretty crumby cards until I got PP10s and I won that hand. A few hands later I get AA in late position (blinds are 25/50 and I raise it from 50 to 150 (guess I should have raised it just a bit more than that) I get 2 callers from the 4 limpers. flop comes 235rainbow. I bet out half pot. one caller the other folds. Turn is an Ah I bet allin of 545 chips,thinking there is such a low possiblity he has a 4. ARG!!!!! what does he call my raise with? He flips over a K4os. an 8 on the river and I am out. :p I guess he thought if the hand he had was worth limping in with that it was worth a raise. Sheesh. I have a question to post after this in another thread.

Oh well there is always another.


Cardschat Hall of Famer - RIP Buck
Congrats Tina, very good job, keep up the good work>> buck:cool: :hello:


Hell of a victory!

Well done. There are many players who have never (or never will) placed first in a field of more than 10. And the comeback is even better! Gotta love pulling yourself from near disaster to ultimate victory. CHEERS!
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