Q9 in BB (MTT - Final Two Tables)



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Jan 24, 2012
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Hey Guys,

Running this scenario in my head after a MTT last night. Let me know what you would have done.

Tournament Field - 41 Players
Buy-In - $50
Remaining Players at time of hand - 11 (playing 6-handed at table)
Blinds - 600 / 1200
Ante - 200
Hero - 25,000 chips
Villain - 26,000 chips

Villain min raises UTG to 2400. Button calls. Hero has Qc9c.

Flop is 2d 5d 9s. Hero checks. Villain bets 6400 (pot is 8400). Button Folds.

What should hero do?


Fold - Terrible play given flopped top pair. Hard to put villain on THAT strong of a holding here given min raise pre-flop despite UTG. Plus, villain's range could easily have diamond draw, AK, A9/K9, mid-pocket pair, etc.

Call - Fine play but you're out of position and risking 25% of your stack on the call. What if a diamond turns? an Ace? a King?

Re-Raise - Awkward stack size here. Only option is to shove all-in.​

Hero shoves all-in. Villain tanks and then finally calls with JJ and holds.

Do you guys agree that hero made the right play despite outcome?

Let me know!


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Jul 25, 2020
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In general, you are correct in my opinion. But about the presence of hands in his hands. But if this is the deep stage of the tournament. And there is no information on the opponent that he is aggressive in his actions, I would fold. Suspecting a pocket card. As they say, a good pass saved money