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Tournament Summary

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Find below the tournament summary:

Tournament Name: 12:01AM Cash Freeroll $500

Total Prize Pool: $0

Total Players: 838

Tournament Completed: 2005/05/29 02:53:49

Tournament Cost: $0 / $0

Tournament Results:

1st: player: FergTerps18 - $90 prize awarded
2nd: player: swervin4 - $55 prize awarded
3rd: player: matt3219 - $37 prize awarded
4th: player: WoodyThaOutlaw - $34 prize awarded
5th: player: Quin51 - $30 prize awarded
6th: player: colts - $25 prize awarded
7th: player: Complexity - $22 prize awarded
8th: player: WPHT - $17 prize awarded
9th: player: I'llMurderYou - $15 prize awarded
10th: player: aramgord - $13 prize awarded
11th: player: ghost3564 - $10 prize awarded
12th: player: tnjeepchick - $9 prize awarded
13th: player: marty13 - $9 prize awarded
14th: player: jacklucky - $9 prize awarded
15th: player: SerenityBoy - $8 prize awarded
16th: player: charterboss - $8 prize awarded
17th: player: bongswat - $8 prize awarded
18th: player: MadRiver - $7 prize awarded
19th: player: mclanech - $7 prize awarded
20th: player: 10JQKAce - $7 prize awarded
21st: player: froggydave - $6 prize awarded
22nd: player: hi lo 01 - $6 prize awarded
23rd: player: Nugget301 - $6 prize awarded
24th: player: abbassi1 - $6 prize awarded
25th: player: powerpac - $6 prize awarded
26th: player: dalilamer - $5 prize awarded
27th: player: 1268 - $5 prize awarded
28th: player: luckymel - $5 prize awarded
29th: player: clone11 - $5 prize awarded
30th: player: mytwocats - $5 prize awarded
31st: player: danielsan - $5 prize awarded
32nd: player: path0s - $5 prize awarded
33rd: player: djd777 - $5 prize awarded
34th: player: moondog - $5 prize awarded
35th: player: dlrhawg - $5 prize awarded hope there are some members of cardschat here in the money/gonna look later got down to 2players i had 120k and this guy ferg had 750 k blinds 10k and 20k we battled for awhile and could not overcome the stack that he had built.. thought i would share .. swervin4 spreading the karma
Dr of Golf

Dr of Golf

Rock Star
Congratulations on your finish. I try to play that Poker Host freeroll at least 2 or 3 times a week ... when I can stay awake that is. It's some good money and it's improved my PH bankroll quite a bit over the months.

Once again, KUDOS to you. :)


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I've finished in the money several times in that PH freeroll. Month or 2 back when they had the big string of em every 15 mins, I won one of those and took out one of the pokerhost staff for a $25 bounty too. Didn't do that well in the big freeroll that I qualified for by winning the first one though.

If you play 2-3 times a week, I'm sure we've ran into each other. I pretty much play it every night.



Do you have to deposit money to win money for the freeroll in pokerhost?:withstupi


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Nice Job

Wow, i never won that much in a freeroll before, heh, good job.

Hopefully some time ill pull that off :fight:


The best I've done so far in the Pokerhost freerolls is 71st place and that was the first time I played. Then again, I only played two freerolls so far.


i am still struggling..although i finished 108th out of 4000 today atpoker stars

i always seem to gert involved in a pot and outdrawn with the river card
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wow great job
poker host is one of my favorite websites
does anyone know the private passwords
i would love to get in those


I see another poker site I must try out..........This might become a problem (can't decide which site I like the best). LOL
I am finding that when I play freerolls its usually very late at night, I just can't stay awake then I make some very bad plays and then I am gone. I have to try to get some more during the day. :coffee: :coffee:
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