mid to late stage mtt questions



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How to c bet when blinds are very high
How to recognise a c bet.

Cards to play in late stage.. ? Not range of cards .. please tell exact cards to play.. like KQ s/o ... Aj s/o .. J 10 s ...

You ha KJ you open pot with standrad raise 3 opponent calls.. you hit nothing on flop.. what you will do?
What you will do if 1 or 2 opponent calls your c bet and you did not hit turn too..??
George Lewis

George Lewis

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Mid to late can sometimes mean fold or shove but assuming your are deep enough to open then I am almost never opening until mid to late position with anything other than QQ, AK plus. If you are UTG with QJ suited and open you may see all hell break loose after you and need to fold. At best everyone folds and at worst someone calls you catch a piece and by the river you are beat and out a bunch of chips. Middle to late just open with a standard range but exactly down to say 9 10 suited and middle pairs. Late like Cutoff or Button go ahead and play any decent hand like 22, 65 suited and up. 9 4 off suit is just a fold. Don't goof around. Blind vs blind you can sometimes gamble especially situation dependent like if you are short and need it or you have a huge stack and can threaten to knock them out right there. Too many players see K J in early position and auto raise 3 times then get into trouble later. Toss it for the most part. I would rather have 78, 89, 9 10 suited and open 3 times then hope to steal or hit lucky...otherwise fold. All of this is game and situation dependent of course.