How to play Hyper Turbos?



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Jan 19, 2021
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Title, basically.
It's all a coinflip apparently, no strategic decisions or anything.
Any tips? Most freerolls are Hyper, lots of cheap tourneys aswell.

Appreciate you guys taking the time!

Stay tight in the first levels
With such depth of stack at the start of the tournament, you can play the first few levels as you would in a regular tournament. The blinds and antes are too small to take the risk of stealing them. And starting by building an image of a tight player will be useful to you later,

Observe other players
It is important to pay attention to the styles and tendencies of your opponents in order to know who is loose, who is tight, who is aggressive, who is passive, who seems to be making good moves and who seems to be making mistakes.

Be ready for the intermediate phase
In these turbo tournaments, the middle phase of the tournament comes quickly and you need to be ready to deal with it even before it arrives. You need to stay selective with your starting hands, but at the same time need to expand your hand selection – especially when antes appear and preflop pots are bigger

Expand your hand selection
Following the logic that you need to steal more pots, you should play more hands. This means opening with a preflop raise more often, but also re-raising others' openings, calling raises, making continuation bets on the flop, etc... Keep a cool head in your decision-making and don't try to play every shot. But the rapid increase in blinds means you have to stay active.

Be attentive to the evolution of the stacks
In turbos, the relative size of the mats varies very quickly. A player with a comfortable stack can very quickly find himself shortstacked, which will affect his way of playing. Knowing which player is more likely to push all-in on your preflop raise should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to play a hand or not.

Beware of imminent level changes
Depending on how quickly table players play, blind levels of five minutes allow approximately one orbit to be played. This means that during a level, we will only play once from each position. If you find yourself shortstacked, it may be necessary to make a move right away, before the blinds increase and your stack becomes too small to move anyone to the next orbit.

Isolate short stacks
Like in a regular tournment, players who fall below 10-15 big blinds will be looking for an opportunity to double down and you will often see them push all-in preflop at the slightest opportunity. If you find a decent hand (medium served pair, Ace with a big kicker), you will often have to re-raise all-in in order to isolate these short stacks and face them in a duel.

Do not reshove light with a shortstack
A common mistake made by players in turbo, when it falls below 15 big blinds, is to re-raise all-in with hands they don't want to get paid with. Don't feel like you have to go all-in with bad Aces. Especially if you can fold and still play an orbit to find better situations than this.

Think before you push/fold
Before entering push/fold mode, realize that having 15 big blinds in the final stages of a turbo tournament is not necessarily bad. In fact, you will often be among the big stacks in the tournament. But when you're reduced to shortstack status, pay attention to your position at the table.
Igor Popadyk

Igor Popadyk

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May 7, 2015
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I agree, such tournaments are more like a lottery, as for me it’s better to play according to starting hands - they are freely available on the Internet. but understand that the dispersion is large