How to manage tempo starting with the last 2 tables of a MTT tournament



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Nov 23, 2023
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Started playing poker for about a month now and have played over 120 tournaments(1$ buyin) and I keep encountering the following situation:

MTT tournament 400+players
I'm at the last 2 tables or final table
I' m under 20 blinds or even under 10
with a few others around the same situation, so effectively the last 2/3 of 18 are very covered in terms of stack size by the rest of the players

If i try to play shortstack GTO shoves in position i tend to wipe out on the first called all in, lets say about 3 out 4 times.
Instead, if I turn into an omega knit and only go in aqs+ qq+,regardless of pos, I tend to get significantly deeper(lets say instead of finishing 17 i finish 9). I've also had circumstantial evidence of being able to return from 1 blind on pos 42 to finishing 9th and saw other really small stacks(like under 2 blinds) do similar feats doing so.

I feel like emotion plays part of it, as it means i've been playing the tournament for 2-3 hours, but considering i get in top 3 like once in 30 tournaments, does this approach have any merit if I'm more happy to collect place 9+ more often than aiming for 1 and wiping sub 15?
What else can I do at this state, as players don t respect my raises 2-3 blind raises at that stack size and just want to end me?
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Oct 28, 2023
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Myself haven't got as far as top 10, but I have made it to the top 30 a few times.

I find it down to very much luck of the flop, but playing top ranged helps will help. It's laying it down on the flop (first three cards.) I'm finding that's where I go wrong, if you don't catch don't stay.

I rely on my gut which helps but hey your more advance then me, I'm sure you will work it out.