Bodog SnG format changes! Multi-table SnGs!!



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We just wanted to let you know about an improvement we’re making to our Sit-n-go format.As of Wednesday, Feb. 14, stake levels will be changed to progress based on time. Up to this point, stake levels for Sit-n-go tournaments have progressed based on the number of hands played, with each level ending after 10 hands.
Starting chips will be 1500 and the new time-based levels will be as follows:
  • Standard Structure: 10 minute levels
  • Turbo Structure: 5 minute levels
Apart from the increased level of smoothness this will provide the tournaments, it is also a necessary change for an upcoming launch of Multitable Sit-n-go Tournaments.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Good Luck and good cards!
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t. 1-866-909-ACES (2237)
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wow, new SNG structure and multi-table SNG!! That's an improvement. Don't you guys think that's great? I just received the email from them. Enjoy!


I've only played a few games with the "new" format, and it definitely seems like they take a bit longer with the larger starting stacks and timed blinds. I guess that means that I won't be able to play in as many as I used to each day, but from the few I played I think that the change is a good one. Starting at $1500 doesn't put as much pressure on you to make a move right off the bat to gather chips, and I think it will allow for stronger players to do well instead of things turning into a crapshoot because of blinds going up.

As far as the multi-table SnGs are concerned, I'm very excited about that. Most of the other top sites offer these so it is about time bodog hopped on board.

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Takes really long to fill up those 27 player sit n gos. Sometimes I wait for 30 minutes or more.


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yes the games are with 1500 chips it seems to me there are more players in the game longer or either everybody is using the same strategy.. and yes it does take awhile for the multis to fill up, i usually end up at sng because i get tired of waiting...:eek: T


i think they need to have more of a blind increase with the new format. games can take forever now. people just sit back and wait. i like the idea but i think if you had higher blind increases it would be good.


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yeah the new system is great. so much better. can't wait for the multi tables either.
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