wsop satellite at fulltilt



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Apr 10, 2005
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24$+2 buy in, first 6 qualify to main tourney (200$+16$ buy in)

12 players left, I was number 4 at chips I think

Dealer: Hand #140353924
Dealer: daisy21 posts the small blind of 100
Dealer: s3ver posts the big blind of 200
s3ver: twins
Dealer: You have been dealt [7h 7d]
Dealer: Hud folds
Dealer: moolady2 folds
Dealer: raytre222 folds
Dealer: LordFarquad raises to 700
Dealer: railparade has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: railparade calls 700
Dealer: daisy21 folds
Dealer: s3ver calls 500
Dealer: The flop is [6s 7s Kd]
Dealer: s3ver bets 600
Dealer: LordFarquad calls 600
Dealer: railparade raises to 1,735, and is all in
Dealer: s3ver raises to 2,870
Dealer: LordFarquad has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: LordFarquad calls 2,270
Dealer: The turn is 4♦
Dealer: s3ver checks
Dealer: LordFarquad bets 5,668, and is all in
Dealer: s3ver calls 2,910, and is all in
Dealer: LordFarquad shows [As 3s]
Dealer: railparade shows [Kh Qs]
themelodies_of_life: Dealer: s3ver shows [7h 7d]
Dealer: Uncalled bet of 2,758 returned to LordFarquad
Dealer: The river is 5♣
Dealer: LordFarquad shows a straight, Seven high
Dealer: s3ver shows three of a kind, Sevens
Dealer: LordFarquad wins the side pot (8,090) with a straight, Seven high
Dealer: railparade shows a pair of Kings
Dealer: LordFarquad wins the main pot (7,405) with a straight, Seven high
Dealer: railparade stands up
Dealer: s3ver stands up


Ok, I admit I should have bet alot more after the flop... but I reraise the other guy bet... and the damn winner went all in with that hand?
:toilet: :puke:


Oct 19, 2004
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Wow don't really think you could have done much more there.

How he called after the turn needing to hit his gutshot was strange, he must have also thought his ace was live as well. Still not a play I would have made, guess he was married to the pot with the amount he had already put in.

Tough break there.


Feb 2, 2005
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well LordFarquad had a flush draw too

but still thats ridiculous
too bad :(


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Jun 22, 2005
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It's not as bad a beat as you think, he had a suited ACE with the chips to play with, when it folded round to him he made a stab at the pot, only playing the blinds. Once railparade and you had called there was a decent pot to play for.

Your bet of 600 was only just over 25% of the pot ( too small ) and when railparade went all in you followed meaning the pot was almost 7k, he had a 50/50 call to make, he must have had you on a K, so he was four to the flush with an overcard.

After the turn he had 16 outs to make his hand, assuming he put you on a pair from the board, even if you had two pair or a set, out of those 16 outs he had 13 of them to make a flush or a straight. There was no way he could have folded.

I think it was more the fact that railparade made top pair while being short stacked that hurt you, if he hadn't have been in you might ( depending on his lordfarquad's style of play ) been able to push him out the pot.

It was just a beat, not a bad beat. I would have done the same if that helps, just poker i guess.
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