This is what not to do.. even though I had him pegged.



Apr 24, 2005
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Now I have played this person more then enough times to know he comes out of the blinds with nothing. The notes on this nut job is endless.. loves to play by the seat of his pants.. My mistake(One must wait for a much stronger hand), yet in this case it wouldn't matter.
Now this is something that shouldn't be done anyway coming out of the BB just so everyone knows. Then the other lesson which I should know by now(but taking down someone like this got the better of me), you need a strong hand to take someone down like this.
Note: Love when the testosterone chest thumping male ego kicks in.

Now just think though if this guy had actually limped in what this hand value would have been based apon this flop. Yet I also hope the others were paying attention to what he did play cause if they don't, they won't make it to far against him.

Table: 18 (real money) Seat #6 is the dealer
Seat 1 - FREE2SEE ($1300 in chips)
Seat 2 - TWIZZYBOP ($1220 in chips)
Seat 3 - BUDMAN108 ($6555 in chips)
Seat 4 - LENNY NARDI ($1995 in chips)
Seat 5 - SIR BS ($4500 in chips)
Seat 6 - MXZ800RICH ($1335 in chips)
Seat 7 - DRAGON524 ($1560 in chips)
Seat 8 - JWAGTHEDOG ($2485 in chips)
Seat 9 - ERB22 ($2090 in chips)
DRAGON524 - Posts small blind $20
JWAGTHEDOG - Posts big blind $40
Dealt to TWIZZYBOP [As 6s]
ERB22 - Calls $40
FREE2SEE - Folds
TWIZZYBOP - Calls $40
BUDMAN108 - Calls $40
SIR BS - Folds
MXZ800RICH - Folds
DRAGON524 - Calls $20
JWAGTHEDOG - Raises $400 to $440
ERB22 - Folds
TWIZZYBOP - All-In(Raise) $1180 to $1220
BUDMAN108 - Folds
DRAGON524 - Folds
JWAGTHEDOG - Calls $780
*** FLOP *** [3c 10h 7s]
*** TURN *** [3c 10h 7s] [Jd]
*** RIVER *** [3c 10h 7s Jd] [3s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
TWIZZYBOP - Shows [As 6s] (One pair, threes)
JWAGTHEDOG - Shows [7d 10c] (Two Pairs, tens and sevens)
JWAGTHEDOG Collects $2560 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total Pot($2560)
Board [3c 10h 7s Jd 3s]
Seat 1: FREE2SEE Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 2: TWIZZYBOP HI:lost with One pair, threes [As 6s - B:3s,B:3c,P:As,B:Jd,B:10h]
Seat 3: BUDMAN108 Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 4: LENNY NARDI Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 5: SIR BS Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 6: MXZ800RICH (dealer) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 7: DRAGON524 (small blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 8: JWAGTHEDOG (big blind) won Total ($2560) HI:($2560) with Two Pairs, tens and sevens [7d 10c - B:10h,P:10c,B:7s,P:7d,B:Jd]
Seat 9: ERB22 Folded on the POCKET CARDS


Apr 20, 2005
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I still can't believe he called the reraise. He got bailed out. You still had him 60/40 before the flop. It is one thing for him to raise, but to call the reraise with 7 10 off suit.

I fear doubling up the maniacs as much as going out myself. I feel bad for the rest of the table. All you need to give is a bomber is more bullets.


May 20, 2005
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Well, A, 6 suited is not a great hand to go all in with but 10, 7 unsuited is not a great hand to call an all in either. Considering what each of you had, ou were the clear favorite to win and your opponent got a great flop. Bad beat but you shouldn't have gone all in on that marginal hand.


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Nov 5, 2005
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Sounds like he has more $$ than brains. Call him a calling station. These type players win more pots and lose more $$. Seems like they draw out on us at the wrong times and give their chips or $$ to other players been there done that lol. Patience and going all in with very select hands and hope they don't get lucky........Rock