what to do, what to do?



ok this was in a freeroll...but the play this late in the tourney was pretty solid; so don't gimme that "ya but this was a freeroll so the play is way worse" stuff
late in a tourney (which is a $100 PLHE freeroll) with blinds @ 750/1500, ~30 ppl left, pays 10
I've got around the mid-80000's
Player 2's got something like 28000
I'm UTG and lookin at an AQo and the game's become really tight, so I raise the pot in hopes of either stealing the huge blinds or to get one of the short stack guys who are now desperate for chips to push into me.
anyways seat 2 cold calls - and I've got no read on him
he's medium stacked, and has been playing just average i.e. not too aggressive or passive, tight or loose.
folds all around to BB proceed and we see a flop
I'm first to act w/ the flop looking like this:

and neither of my cards are clubs
I check after lengthy thought (ps. A few times this tourney players have fallen victim to me check-raising or backraising)

after a long wait, he bets all but a minute amount of his chips (~24000)
so we'll just say he pushes all in.
this is like a quarter of my stack and i've got the options of calling based on the value of my Ace, which i don't like, or fold.

What would you do?

ps sorry but i have no idea how to do that format for hand-analysis so thats why it looks so shabby:confused:


How much did you raise preflop??? I hope you didn't min-raise... Bumping it to 4500-6000 is standard here.

I fold here. If you raised 4500-6000 the pot should only be around 10-14k or something like that. I don't think you can call here unless you are putting him on a bluff or a hand like AJ or AT.

My guess would be mid pocket pair and he likes the flop, hence the bet. AK is also a possibility. I fold given his large overbet.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Easy fold. If I were to call I'd expect to be shown AcX/KcX a lot of the time here, but it's possible the X has paired on the flop, and a set is also a possiblilty, albeit less likely.


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Fold - even if you're 99% sure he's bluffing, he's beaten you to the pot - let him have this one. If you're ahead he's probably got lots of outs to beat you (if he's got a club) - if you're behind, if he has got 1 club, the A and Q of clubs wont help you - if he's got 2 clubs you're drawing dead. Give him credit for a good bluff, and get your money back on the next hand!


I did end up folding...just too many hands that had me covered
though i got to fight another few hands until a guy who i absolutely murdered in a hand w/ a set got me back with the same type hand...my big Ace vs. his 66 hittin the flop
thanks for the input guys
and Chicubs^^^i raised 3.5XBB