Tourney hand



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Seat 1: Effexor (5,620)
Seat 2: elyam (7,730)
Seat 3: djanko5496 (3,617)
Seat 4: clifty (2,450)
Seat 5: phil hellmouth (3,762)
Seat 6: Swidgin (4,371)
Seat 7: IrishBone (4,715)
Seat 8: NoOneSpecial (2,069)
Seat 9: betsea1204 (260)
IrishBone posts the small blind of 80
NoOneSpecial posts the big blind of 160
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Effexor [Kh] [Ks]
betsea1204 folds
Effexor raises to 480
elyam calls 480
djanko5496 folds
clifty folds
phil hellmouth folds
IrishBone folds
NoOneSpecial folds
*** FLOP *** [Ts] [Qd] [Td]
Effexor bets 640
elyam calls 640
*** TURN *** [Ts] [Qd] [Td] [Ah]
Effexor bets 1,120
elyam calls 1,120
*** RIVER *** [Ts] [Qd] [Td] [Ah] [Js]
Effexor bets 3,380, and is all in

Reads: This fellow was very aggressive, every hand he was in he'd bet the pot if he was first to bet, and wasn't having to show any hands.

I was 10'th in chips in the tourney at the start of the hand, 200 ish started, about 80 or so left. Paid down to 18.

Any thoughts? Did I play this right?


i definately would have bet so much at that ace, in fact I probably check-fold there, too much on that board that beats you. looks like the guy was being a call station. What would you have done if he pushed at that ace? I think you were probably beat there, but then your jack came and saved the day.


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The only reason I bet so hard was due to reads and a previous hand. He had called me down to the end holding J5 ?? that he hit a 5 on the turn and all the other 4 cards were over cards. He had won the vast majority of his chips without ever showing a hand.

His M.O. was to call down to the end then come over the top on the last bet and everyone always folded.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Looks fine.

What's your line if he raises you on the turn though?


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I should have mentioned position too, he was sitting on my immidiate left so he had position on me basically every hand. The rest of the table were all tight weak players. (Which is part of the reason I had a good chip stack too, it was easy to put people on hands) About twice an orbit he'd usually raise 3x BB, and bet the pot on the flop without fail. It had gotten to the point where I could call outloud what his bets would be. When I got the pocket kings I said to my wife, this is the hand, if he's in it I'm going all the way. If it had been ANYONE else at the table, I wouldn't have bet the turn, I'd have just check / folded. This was purely making a stand against a hyper aggressive player.


I would say that you probably should have been done with this hand by the turn. Once that A comes you can figure you're beat either by the A or two pair or better.


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The result:

He was holding A 10, and I went from 10th in chips to out in 70th place.
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