Straight Flush



To start off, I have never had a straight flush anywhere. I was very excited to finally get one. The 2 players I played with were donks, one kept re-raising my re-raises with only Ace high. Not complaining though, I won all of his chips!

Oh, and I know I'm kind of a loser for playing at the play money tables, :eek: but I'm a poor college student!;)

pokerstars Game #4335917734: Hold'em No Limit (5/10) - 2006/03/18 - 23:02:04 (ET)
Table 'Klio' (Play Money) Seat #7 is the button
Seat 1: doctorDoiDoi (1845 in chips)
Seat 4: ARCHERY-MAN1 (1000 in chips)
Seat 5: bsilvestri (4616 in chips)
Seat 6: Jessiebear31 (6385 in chips)
Seat 7: ttmiller (5605 in chips)
Seat 8: madmax0099 (4220 in chips)
madmax0099: posts small blind 5
doctorDoiDoi: posts big blind 10
ARCHERY-MAN1: posts big blind 10
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Jessiebear31 [Qh Th]
ARCHERY-MAN1: raises 40 to 50
bsilvestri: calls 50
Jessiebear31: calls 50
ttmiller: calls 50
madmax0099: calls 45
doctorDoiDoi: folds
*** FLOP *** [9h Jh 6s]
madmax0099: checks
ARCHERY-MAN1: bets 50
bsilvestri: raises 50 to 100
Jessiebear31: calls 100
ttmiller: calls 100
madmax0099: calls 100
ARCHERY-MAN1: calls 50
*** TURN *** [9h Jh 6s] K♥
madmax0099: checks
ARCHERY-MAN1: checks
bsilvestri: bets 130
Jessiebear31: calls 130
ttmiller: raises 130 to 260
madmax0099: folds
bsilvestri: raises 240 to 500
Jessiebear31: raises 240 to 740
ttmiller: calls 480
bsilvestri: raises 260 to 1000
tym4 joins the table at seat #3
Jessiebear31: raises 260 to 1260
ttmiller: calls 520
bsilvestri: raises 260 to 1520
Jessiebear31: raises 260 to 1780
ttmiller: calls 520
bsilvestri: raises 2686 to 4466 and is all-in
Jessiebear31: calls 2686
ttmiller: calls 2686
*** RIVER *** [9h Jh 6s Kh] K♠
Jessiebear31: bets 1769 and is all-in
ttmiller: calls 989 and is all-in
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Jessiebear31: shows [Qh Th] (a straight flush, Nine to King)
ttmiller: mucks hand
ttmiller leaves the table
Jessiebear31 collected 1978 from side pot
bsilvestri: mucks hand
Jessiebear31 collected 14158 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 16136 Main pot 14158. Side pot 1978. | Rake 0
Board [9h Jh 6s Kh Ks]
Seat 1: doctorDoiDoi (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: ARCHERY-MAN1 folded on the Turn
Seat 5: bsilvestri mucked [2h Ac]
Seat 6: Jessiebear31 showed [Qh Th] and won (16136) with a straight flush, Nine to King
Seat 7: ttmiller (button) mucked [Qs Tc]
Seat 8: madmax0099 (small blind) folded on the Turn


too bad it's play money
seems like these guys really wanted to give their chips away :)
nice hand there jessiebear



Hand Number: 290,976,757
Table Number: 3,975,218
Event Name: $60 GTD No Limit Holdem (#2642937)MNHB Event Started: Tuesday March 21st 4:30:01 AM CST 2006 Event Type: BugsysClub Real Money Tournament
Event Buy-In: $2+$0.20 ($90 total prize pool)
Game: No Limit Hold 'em
Level IV: 75/150 Blinds (25 Minimum Chip)
Average Stack: 12,500 (10,000 starting chips)
Remaining Players: 36 (45 started)
Seat 1 : bamabelle13 starts with 18,600
Seat 2 : slavor1977 starts with 7,775
Seat 3 : Mack_Snake starts with 10,125
Seat 4 : aussydolly starts with 7,550
Seat 5 : caleb32 starts with 9,350
Seat 6 : donttalk starts with 10,150
Seat 7 : The.Bullets starts with 9,625
Seat 8 : rolindachips starts with 16,000 Seat 10 : jasondavies starts with 19,900 Seat 6 : donttalk has the dealer button
jasondavies dealt down Ks 7s
The.Bullets posts the small blind 75
rolindachips posts the big blind 150
jasondavies calls 150
bamabelle13 folds
slavor1977 folds
Mack_Snake folds
aussydolly calls 150
caleb32 folds
donttalk folds
The.Bullets calls 75
rolindachips raises 600 to 750
jasondavies calls 600
aussydolly calls 600
The.Bullets folds
>>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ Qs Js 9s ]
rolindachips bets 2,400
jasondavies calls 2,400
aussydolly folds
>>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Ts ]
rolindachips checks
jasondavies checks
>>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ Kd ]
rolindachips checks
jasondavies bets 1,150
rolindachips calls 1,150
jasondavies cards were 7s Ks
rolindachips mucks hand
jasondavies wins 9,500 with a king high straight flush
The.Bullets: vnh
Hand Ended: Tuesday March 21st 4:57:36 AM CST 2006 Total Pot: 9,500
Board: [ Qs Js 9s Ts Kd ]
Seat 1 : bamabelle13 did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 2 : slavor1977 did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 3 : Mack_Snake did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 4 : aussydolly lost 750, folded on the flop Seat 5 : caleb32 did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 6 : donttalk (button) did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 7 : The.Bullets (small blind) lost 150, folded pre-flop Seat 8 : rolindachips (big blind) lost 4,300, mucked hand (cards were Th Qh) Seat 10 : jasondavies bet 4,300, won 9,500, net +5,200, showed hand [ 7s Ks ]


Congrats on the straight flush - they're a rarity.
I'd recommend trying out either the Noble Poker survey deal, or some freerolls to get some starting bankroll - I'm sure others on here will agree that the higher standard of play (OK, not much higher at micro limits, but still better) makes it more interesting, and if you're building up from freeroll winnings or the like, you can start building a bankroll without risking any of your own money, so you can try to grind your way out of poor student-hood.
Kenzie 96

Kenzie 96

The only thing better than having a straight flush is having one & having someone else raising you. Congrats & if you are going to play for play money PokerStars is the place to be. Good luck.


In some ways I prefer a straight flush to a royal flush - sure the royal flush will never be beaten, but with a straight flush there's likely to be more action, as you'll often see the Ace-high flush bet their hand, so it is more likely to be paid off than a royal.
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