$ NL HE MTT: JJ muerto en el river, mala mia?



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Aug 12, 2022
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  1. Freeroll

Llega el enlace del reproductor de manos del foro les dejo.
que hice mal? ¿mi error? el rio volvio a hacer? estaba en shock!


Feb 13, 2018
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Interesting spot with JJ off of 30 BBs. If we were shorter this would be a jam every time but once we get upper 20s or low 30s in BBs then I start to have some conditions before I just tear it in. First thing is structure. The more turbo or super turbo this is then the more it is a jam vs if it is 12 min blinds or something like that. Second is buy in not in the sense of my investment or cost of the tourney but in freerolls we will actually get A9 type hands that have no business calling a 3 bet jam of 30 BBs to call off here whereas in buy in tournaments of $5+ there will be less call offs of that nature. Third would be how tight the villain is, what their stats are, and what plays have I seen them do lately including any possible tilt.

Of those 3 the only one I know of for this spot being a poster in the hand is that its a freeroll so in that case I would jam here even though logic says only better/flip hands will call and smaller pairs would fold out but in freerolls a lot worse will call here and some hands villain could call with would make you go "what are you calling with?".

I dont think its wise to call off 5 BBs of our 30 BB stack out of position so this to me is a jam or a snug fold hand one way or the other. It does catch my eye that villain is 5x raiser over a limper with a stack that covers them (so they seem to want to play a big pot) but the freeroll aspect of the tourney would override that for me and I would just jam here. Against better players though this hand becomes more interesting because a lot of the worse hands (like 99 for example) arent going to call so your value targets are much less in number and be thinner than with wide freeroll callers.

As played is a little hard for me because I would not call here pre but I think I would check jam flop based on villains sizing. That seems like a small sizing for a freeroll player to use if they had Kx on a wet board (same goes for big pairs minus QQ) so I would jam here and yes be turning JJ into a bluff but it would deny equity on the turn and there is some stuff worse (although probably not much worse) that could still call. It might also make QQ at least think about folding so if I basing on their sizing they dont have KK, AA, or Kx and can potentially get QQ to fold starting the hand with this short a stack I think I jam flop. However, I will put the disclaimer I am not sure on that play and look forward to other peoples opinions for as played post flop play here and what would be best.