$ NL HE MTT: Daily Platinum Freeroll



May 8, 2017
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Game Format
No Limit
Table Format
  1. Freeroll
CO stats after 37 hands: VPIP 16 PFR 3 Limp 15 Post flop AGG 3

How would you guys play this hand? Is my bet too small on flop? What is your action on river? Is shoving the river ok?

pokerstars, Hold'em No Limit - 200/400 (50 ante) - 9 players

UTG: 3,631 (9 bb)
UTG+1: 7,311 (18 bb)
MP (Hero): 8,026 (20 bb)
MP+1: 9,748 (24 bb)
LP: 4,825 (12 bb)
CO: 13,517 (34 bb)
BU: 9,178 (23 bb)
SB: 4,826 (12 bb)
BB: 8,674 (22 bb)

Pre-Flop: (1,050) Hero is MP with A J
2 players fold, Hero raises to 840, 2 players fold, CO calls 840, 3 players fold

Flop: (2,730) 7 7 2 (2 players)
Hero bets 710, CO calls 710

Turn: (4,150) 5 (2 players)
Hero bets 1,079, CO calls 1,079

River: (6,308) T (2 players)
Hero ?


Jun 3, 2019
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Standard open.

Dont mind a small C-bet on this very dry board. Its great, if you can just take it down, and you can also get called by worse with such a small sizing.

I think, you hand is to in between to bet again. But if you are going to do it, I like a small sizing to still allow him to make a crying call with worse.

This is a good scare card, not only because it complete the flush, but its also an overcard to hands like A2, A5, 33, 44 and 66. You also have the nut flush blocker making it a bit less likely, he has a flush. So in general this is not a bad spot to turn your hand into a bluff. But on the other hand this is a freeroll, and he is the table chipleader. Also any made hand is at least two pair, and some freeroll players will be bad enough to think on this very basic level. Something like "its difficult to make a pair, and I have two, so I call".

And because of that I slightly prefer to check and fold to any significant bet. Sometimes he might actually check back a worse hand and allow you to win at showdown. So checking AJ high out of position does not quite mean, you give up on the pot. Of course its also not crazy to go for a "go strong or go home" approach, given that its a freeroll. If you jammed, and he snapped you off with bottom pair, then you are no worse off, that before the freeroll began :)


Dec 31, 2008
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Preflop is okay
postflop is check or at least around 1/2 pot sieze cbet
postturn evaluate, check small bet from villan call
river check small bet maybe call, Big bet fold ( u did miss) and can survive, you can gamble as it is a freeroll and make the shove as you have Ah


Feb 13, 2018
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Pre is fine so moving to the flop. I like c betting on this board since it is hard to connect with other than a flush draw. Yes, villain can have some pocket pair they are never folding but there are flush draws that will call as well and a bet will take it down often so I like it although I would go bigger because this bet is not a bet is not a value bet generally speaking (although it has some merge bet tendencies due to the flush draws) but its a bluff to take it down and not be mad when our opponent folds weaker hands. With that, I like a sizing more around 1250 to make a flush draw draw against it and get more folds then a quarter pot bet will.

On the turn with this type card I like checking and kind of making villain tell me what they have here. I feel many opponents if on a flush draw will check back here and take the free card. If they do check behind then I would play the river accordingly. If they bet here then its either a made hand (which is limited since over pairs to the board here I think raise flop on your small sizing and 7x may as well) or its a bluff and I would gage that on how much I know villain and what I think of them. I get betting here to continue to charge draws and am okay with it (I prefer checking) but again, if we are going to bet here it is to take the pot down and/or charge draws so the bet has to be bigger. I would go, if betting, somewhere between 1600-2000.

On the river the flush comes in so above where I wrote if I checked and villain checked behind I would play accordingly I would think they have the flush here enough that I would check and see what happens. As played we bet turn small and got called so this is up in the air more on what they have but I would think a made hand would raise turn just because the board had two hearts and our bets have been small. So I think villain has played this hand like they have a flush draw and so have you to an extent. Therefore, I get this is a good bluff card because we made our hand look like a potential flush draw trying to see it cheaply but so has villain. I think in this spot as played I check river thinking if villain has the flush they bet here but if they dont they check back since they havent raised to this point and don't really seem to want to play a big pot. Those check back hands still could beat me and be the ones I could have potentially bluffed but we will be ahead of some with Ace high and if we bluff here I think we may be bluffing into it too often.