Jan 30, 2008
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Hand #50711266-48 at Tue2amA-019 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Started at 12/Feb/08 03:02:05

Ibetalot13 is at seat 0 with 2610.
JagrFan is at seat 1 with 11950.
RUDONK827 is at seat 2 with 1500.
prince erik is at seat 3 with 4745.
ukidinme is at seat 4 with 4150.
paradigm2007 is at seat 5 with 6030.
Renorun is at seat 6 with 2515.
Stanleyray is at seat 7 with 3165.
socalbonzi is at seat 8 with 3015.
antekel is at seat 9 with 9820.
The button is at seat 1.

prince erik posts the small blind of 30.
ukidinme posts the big blind of 60.

Ibetalot13: -- --
JagrFan: Tc Qc
prince erik: -- --
ukidinme: -- --
paradigm2007: -- --
Renorun: -- --
Stanleyray: -- --
socalbonzi: -- --
antekel: -- --


paradigm2007 folds. Renorun calls. Stanleyray
calls. socalbonzi folds. antekel calls.
Ibetalot13 calls. JagrFan raises to 180. prince
erik folds. ukidinme folds. Renorun calls.
Stanleyray calls. antekel calls. Ibetalot13 calls.

Flop (board: 5h 8c Qd):

Renorun checks. Stanleyray checks. antekel checks.
Ibetalot13 checks. JagrFan bets 700. Renorun
folds. Stanleyray folds. antekel calls.
Ibetalot13 folds.

Turn (board: 5h 8c Qd 4h):

antekel checks. JagrFan bets 900. antekel raises to
5090. JagrFan calls.

River (board: 5h 8c Qd 4h 5c):

antekel goes all-in for 3850. JagrFan calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

JagrFan shows Tc Qc.
antekel shows 9c 5s.


JagrFan has Tc Qc 5h Qd 5c: two pair, queens and fives.
antekel has 9c 5s 5h Qd 5c: three fives.


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Jan 21, 2008
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Ignoring the result...

I don't like the pf raise. Firstly, I'd have just called, by raising you're making a big pot which isn't really what you want unless you hit the flop hard. Secondly, it wasn't a big enough raise. With 4 limpers in front of you a 3xbb raise doesn't achieve anything.

The flop bet is ok, but this may be taken as a steal because of your position on the button. Never the less, you got a caller so be wary.

On the turn he raised you a big amount - you have to fold here surely? You only have top pair with a half decent kicker...


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Feb 7, 2008
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As Cf said raise more or call depending on image. Good spot to switch gears here if you have been tight (<15 VPIP) to raise this, like to 400. If you have been loose (25+ VPIP) then call. Pot sized bet on the flop is good but if you get a call here you need to slow down as Cf said you have top pair and med-kicker.


Nov 7, 2007
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This hand is crazy. I mean some fool called an all-in with TPSK. :)

As for the other guy, I'd guess that you'd been stealing your share of pots (just a guess based on how this hand played out) and he figured you would just fold to his all-in because you likely had nothing. He was wrong and got lucky.