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This was a ridiculous bluff.. I took a bad beat a couple of hands before so I decided for one hand I didn't care what I had I was going to outplay the next guy..This is the hand..May have been stupid but it worked!

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Hand #33205181-32 at Thu1230amTEC-184 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
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Started at 06/Jul/06 01:17:37

Pura_Vida is at seat 0 with 1250.
junooc12 is at seat 2 with 3215.
Jcjames472 is at seat 3 with 5940.
Flip Rogers is at seat 5 with 2285.
billflo is at seat 6 with 1405.
RiverNoHelp is at seat 7 with 1330.
RadioLive365 is at seat 8 with 3265.
Cile32 is at seat 9 with 2885.
The button is at seat 0.

junooc12 posts the small blind of 20.
Jcjames472 posts the big blind of 40.
Pura_Vida: -- --
junooc12: -- --
Jcjames472: -- --
Flip Rogers: -- --
billflo: -- --
RiverNoHelp: 6h Th
RadioLive365: -- --
Cile32: -- --

Flip Rogers folds. billflo folds. RiverNoHelp
raises to 140. RadioLive365 calls. Cile32 folds.
Pura_Vida folds. junooc12 calls. Jcjames472 folds.

Flop (board: 9c 3h Jc):

junooc12 bets 40. RiverNoHelp calls. RadioLive365
Turn (board: 9c 3h Jc 2d):

junooc12 bets 40. RiverNoHelp raises to 200.
RadioLive365 folds. junooc12 calls.
River (board: 9c 3h Jc 2d 3s):

junooc12 bets 40. RiverNoHelp goes all-in for 950.
junooc12 folds. RiverNoHelp is returned 910
RiverNoHelp opts to show 6h Th.
RiverNoHelp has Th 9c 3h Jc 3s: a pair of threes.

Hand #33205181-32 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
RiverNoHelp wins 1060.


Good but risky bluff. He probably thought you had the third three. You should have included the player's reaction when you showed your hand. That would have been entertaining to read.:D


Good bluff. You need aggression to win tourneys. Any fool can play good cards.