Hand from yesterday's Bodog 100K - do we play it any different?



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bodog's hand histories are garbage, so I'll reconstruct this hand from yesterday's 100K tournament. This, other than the hand I got knocked out at about 2 levels later, was one of those hands that you just had to go what if:

3rd hand after the break, blinds at 30/60. I have just under 4K in chips, and have only had to show down 1 hand. EP raises it to 300, you're next to act. You have 8-8. Consider that EP, who's been to your right the entire tournament to date, is a tight player who's only raised pre-flop in 2 hands - and both times showed JJ and KK. I used up as much time as I could before ultimately folding - I didn't like raising here, and a flat call just seemed like too much of a speculative move for my liking here.

First question: Do you play this any different?

Second question: After an A-3-3 flop that gets checked around by 3 players (the 2 blinds called pre-flop), how many of you come this close to throwing your mouse against the wall when an 8 hits the turn - especially when all 3 players get their chips in the pot with these cards:

EP - 10-10 (At least I was right on my read - meh!)
SB - A-K (this held up to win the pot)
BB - A-2 (I do a Dave Chappele/Lil Jon "Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" when I see this)

Just kidding (sort of) on the throwing the mouse bit - given what I knew and what transpired, I'm not really complaining too much about actually making the right decision...just one of those, "Hmmm, if I wasn't such a puss-suit wearing Nancy...." deals.

Any other great "What if?" tournament stories out there?


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One thing you should never, ever do, is the what if. You made the correct call at the time for the PF. You knew you where playing a super tight player. That was the correct call. Keep your what if chips and continue playing cause it could've turned out more like, what a donk I was!
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

In this situation I think I'd be too busy laughing at the BB to even consider any "what ifs".


You were right about him having an large PP since his only riases were with them and did the right move. He had an overpair on you. Do you want to risk alot of chips knowing that you are only about a 20-30% to win hand? You had the worst hand after the flop and drawing to the other two 8s. It would have only been fair if a 10 came on river. Then would have been laughing?

You can what if yourself to death. They are even worse when you fold a marginal hand and it hits. What if you don't call a 3BB raise in the BB with 72 and the flop is 772. Same thing. You made a right play and just saw the one flop that would save your bad play.
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