$150 NL HE MTT: GGMasters Day 1



May 8, 2017
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Game Format
No Limit
Table Format
This is the level 5 of 22 from this tournament, so pretty much at the beginning.

Here I think I played it poorly since I should have 3-bet preflop, that way I did not have to play against 3 players (I think)

Do you guys think that since we are so many players it is ok to play it passive?

GGPoker, Hold'em No Limit - 60/120 (15 ante) - 8 players

UTG: 2,595 (22 bb)
UTG+1 (Hero): 15,740 (131 bb)
MP: 10,402 (87 bb)
MP+1: 9,234 (77 bb)
CO: 10,125 (84 bb)
BU: 7,571 (63 bb)
SB: 7,471 (62 bb)
BB: 25,864 (216 bb)

(300) Hero is UTG+1 with A Q
UTG raises to 264, Hero calls 264, 3 players fold, BTN calls 264, 1 fold, BB calls 144

Flop: (1,236) A T 2 (4 players)
BB checks, UTG checks, Hero checks, BTN checks

Turn: (1,236) A (4 players)
BB checks, UTG bets 618, Hero raises to 1,879, BU folds, BB calls 1,879, UTG folds

River: (5,612) T (2 players)
BB bets 4,209, Hero calls 4,209

Total pot:

BB shows T A (a full house, Aces full of Tens)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 25%, Flop: 55%, Turn: 91%, River: 50%)

UTG+1 (Hero) shows A Q (a full house, Aces full of Tens)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 75%, Flop: 45%, Turn: 9%, River: 50%)

BB wins 7,015
UTG+1 (Hero) wins 7,015


Jun 3, 2019
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Actually AQs is often just called from UTG+1 against an UTG open, because we dont really want to face a 4-bet and be put in some tough spot. But given that UTG is so short, we are happy to get it in against him pre, so 3-betting would be fine. But its not like calling is a mistake or poorly played or anything.

Great flop for you, and I dont really understand, why you check back? Are you that scared someone flopped two pair or a set? Its not even like, you are drawing dead against those hands, since you have the nut flushdraw to go along with top pair good kicker. I would bet here for value, since plenty of worse hands can call.

Now UTG makes a delayed C-bet, and you raise, which I also dont really understand? Yes you made trips, but the only hand, you now beat, which you were losing to before, is T2. All the other hands, that you were losing to on the flop, are still ahead now. So its not like this card massively improved your hand and can justify turning up your aggressive this dramatically. Your flushdraw is also worth less now with only one card to come and a paired board. So as played I think, this is just a call.

Now you have top boat, so I think, its pretty obvious, we are never folding. However the question is, if there is any value in raising? SBs line is fairly weird, and he is basically saying, he has the same hand as yours or maybe some wild bluff. He could have quads, but in that case I think, he would be more likely to check to you again, so he could go for a check-raise and get all the chips in the middle. And its also only one combo. So even though we will mostly get action, when we are chopping, I think, we should jam here. Maybe once in a moon he takes this line with a worse boat and talk himself into calling. Or maybe he accidentally fold the same hand, because he misclick or time out.


Feb 13, 2018
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Pre: Anytime we are UTG+1 and UTG raises it becomes interesting assuming UTG is not a maniac. I think in this spot calling is better for some of the reasons given above. Unless UTG is wildly loose (dont expect that from a $150 buy in but never play them) and we want to isolate then I think calling is the way to go here.

Flop: This is a bet for sure since so many worse hands can call here plus we can build a pot in case we do hit. We want to target other Ax (which with 3 others in the hand is at least somewhat likely) and if another heart comes its good for our hand but potentially bad for action. If we did bet here we would have been raised and would not have gone anywhere and would have been an interesting run out.

Turn: This one is interesting. At the micro buy ins I play I would raise this bet here as smaller Ax that are not boats would call and come along. At this buy in level can we expect UTG to even be opening with A9 or lower? I would think its unlikely and we also dont have to fear hearts since we have them so at this specific tournament (again, a little guessing here cause I dont play this high) I think calling is better because their just arent as many smaller Ax that there would be in lower buy ins. My first reaction was to raise too (from playing micros) but the more I think about it this is just a call as played.

River: I am not worried about quads as I dont think BB checks a set there on that flop even though it would be a donk lead (I wouldnt have put them on A10 either). They would be concerned about checking back and others seeing the flush. I guess they could play it that way but its one hand so not worried. Plus I am never folding because if you have 1010 here then that is just massive cooler and it is what it is. So, with thinking that I have the effective nuts here I would just put it in and hope villain has 10x which shouldnt have played this way but you never know.