$1.1 NL HE MTT: $0.98 + $0.12 Hold'em NL



Jan 29, 2022
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I'm in this tournament with a roughly 18BB. I'm in the BU and got AdQs.
Everybody fold except CO who calls, this player plays almost all hands. I raise to 3BB


How would you have played this hand?


Feb 13, 2018
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First is that with 18 BBs and this hand I would be looking to min open if it was folded to me or jam over any opens in front of me including a limp or a limp with limpers behind. Maybe if there was someone in EP that had tight stats it would make me think about and/or potentially fold but outside of that I am going over any action in front of me. The villain in this hand you said vpiped everything so this to me is a perfect spot to just get it in since a small raise like 3x is going to get called often and then we play against a range of 27 off to AA which is always interesting as this hand shows.

On to as played... I am definitely betting this flop as we have little to fear. In fact, even with second pair I would be hoping to get check raised here having the nut flush draw and a straight draw so no reason to check back here. Target all the Jx, one diamond, 10x, etc hands that villain could have as we believe they could have being they have any two cards here. The turn makes it interesting of course. We checked flop so villain could still have any two cards here as they could have flopped monster and checked to the raiser or they could be bluffing here. Now we need to try to decipher the best we can how villain plays post flop. Are they passive, aggressive, only bet when they have it, a trapper? If we have an idea on that then we can potentially narrow whether this is 10x or not. As of now and what is posted in this thread there is just no way of knowing it as with their stack they could easily think Ax is the best hand here and just are going with it being so short as could possibly a hand like KJ. I believe this is 10x more often that not but we are getting 2 to 1 so is it 67% or more this is 10x? If you dont know how villain plays post flop then anyones guess is as good as mine. I would have jammed pre so would not have been in this spot but if I found myself here with two pair and the draws being roughly 25% against 10x and I only need to be 33% and then factor in this is not always 10x then I would call this off and hope I'm right.


Jun 3, 2019
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You started with 18BB, and if CO had you covered, I could get on board with a 3BB raise to play some postflop with a very loose player in position. Here however CO only started with 12BB, and that is just not deep enough to make postflop play a good option. So I would just jam over this limp, even though you are risking a bit more, than you ideally want to, against the players in the blinds. This however is not a big deal, because they are rarely going to give you action, and its not like, you can raise-fold AQ for 18BB anyway. So if someone in the blinds happen to wake up with AK or KK, you just accept your fate and play the next tournament. Or you suck out on them and dubble up.

I am ok checking back, because the SPR is only 1, so its very easy to get the chips in later. And its not a check-back, because I am scared to be behind. Its a check-back, because it allow him to potentially bluff the turn.

Snap call. First of all you are never folding AQ, when the SPR is only 1, not even if you missed the flop completely. In that situation you jam flop for max fold equity. And this is why, your preflop sizing just dont make sense. In this situation he could of course have a better hand like a flush or straight. Thats possible. But he could also have a worse hand like a worse two pair or flatout nothing. And even when you are behind, you have 7-9 outs to the A high flush and 4 outs to a boat, so you are never drawing dead. Unless of course he has the straight flush, but we are not worried about one combo in poker.