Why are there are so many players of Russia at pokerstars?



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Since I started in the world of poker me and asked why there are so many players on pokerstars Russia the reason is very simple remember that Russia is the country mas grande del mundo

all those who play poker we know the story of Chris Moneymaker and that thanks to the started the boom of online poker

The triumph of Chris Moneymaker, an accountant from Memphis, in the World Series of Poker in 2003 marked a before and an after in the poker world.

This is one of many reasons of the because there are so many players of Russia at pokerstars in addition remember that Russia is a country that in the majority of the year remains low temperatures and constant rains so people working from their homes by what poker became a great way to spend time as well as money I hope this clarify many doubts leave me your comment about these poker players who both love jajajajajajajaja:D


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Inhospitable weather conditions are also part of the reason we see so many Canadians at the tables.


There are many Russians because the country is large, which means there are many players. Another reason is low salaries and I want to have more money. You look at the number of Brazilian players. Same priorities here.
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