When losing cards ... make you win



Ok the title is a bit mysterious. :p

In fact I've lost a lot of incredibles hands these last 2 or 3 days : not always badbeats but big hands with big pots : I remind a particular hand I have lose with a full 9's by K versus quad 9's. Classic will you tell me ? Yep but the quad guy didn't win that hand. :D
Some other player win this huge pot with a straight flush.:eek:
I think this is the first time I saw such a hand. I will try to find it in my history and post you in the HH section.

I was just thinking : "Oh man ! So many losses I should be neg in my ring games balance".
So I took a look at PO to see something that I was really far to think.
In despite of these huge loses, I've made x4 my BR at Titan since the beginning of the year :eek:.
Yes I know I've won some big pots there but loses was really more sticked in my mind. It's amazing to see how much loses can stay in your mind more than your wins. :rolleyes:

So OK my BR at Titan wasn't that big and OK I should not have play at this level (0.1/0.2) but as i was thinking about a move and didn't have enough to withdraw i've give it a go.

This was a really good thing to start the afternoon.
This good surprise makes me feel more confident about my game in long term.
So much that I finally succeed today in winning a "Dirty Dozen" SNG at Titan (12$ wahooo!). SNG's are really a weak point for me usually so i'm really happy with that one and decided to share it all with you. ;)


Losing strings of hands do put you on serious tilt. the way I get by it is I keep track of my balance every time I win or lose a pot. It still gets to me a little when I lose but I know I can get it back up.

Good job on the SnG


I do it after each tournament or end of ring game. (I use PO and PO live tracker doesn't work with french version of Titan so I have to take back all the end histories once finish).

The fact is that I've set up a filter in order to have only the games of the day.
And today i'm something like -2.5 $.
Just reset this filter and then feel better.:p

But you're totally right : when I'm on a table and get a serious lose it's hard not to think and re-think about it and then go on tilt.
One thing I try to do each time i got a big lose is to think at my better hand of the day.

But all that said when I think about "my poker day" it is always loses that came into my mind.


I'm definitely in a good run : I've won my second "Dirty Dozen" Titan in three attempts.Another 12 bucks for me. :)
Sadly that I didn't do well in the second as there is a 2000$ bonus for anybody winning 4 in a row. :rolleyes: