Tropical Poker loves the US



I got this email from Tropical Poker today-

Official Policy Statement from Tropical Poker:
On Friday September 30, 2006 the 109th sitting of the US Congress passed a Port Security Bill including a rider that affected online gambling in the United States. Today, Friday October 13, 2006 the President of the United States has signed this bill. The hype surrounding this has suggested that it amounts to a “ban on online gambling".
This information is totally incorrect.
Tropical Poker is a legally licensed and privately held company in the country of Curacao, Antilles. As a privately held company we have no such pressures placed upon us.
There will continue to be much confusion and misinformation caused by this bill, as the parties involved attempt to decipher the exact meanings and terms specified in this document.
It is our official position that the passing of the Port Security Bill does not currently affect us, or our valued loyal players in any way. Our operations have always been 100% legal under Curacao law and comply with all the jurisdictions in which we carry out our operations.
Best Regards,
Tropical Poker

This is one reason I LOVE Tropical Poker!!!!


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Thanks Jessie thats good news>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. buck:D :cool:


Yeah, i got that email too and was very happy to see it. Though i kind of had a sinking feeling about it until the "that information is totally incorrect" part. Of course banning us would essentially doom their site considering they don't have a lot of players, but still, it's nice to see sites actually reading and interpreting the ruling rather then just following speculation.