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Well. I have an interesting story to tell. Not sure what anyone can get out of this but it sure was strange.

I'm on the button in a $3-$6 Limit Holdem game, and am dealt AQ off.

Preflop I raise the whole way and amazingly the betting is capped and 7.. that's right 7 players ......put in $12 to see the flop.

Flop comes rainbow and low, no higher than 6, and no pairs.

EVERYONE checks to me.... not a big surprise with a low flop. I bet and EVERYONE calle.

The turn is an 8. Which still doesn't help much as it's checked around to me. This time I smell a check raise so I also check to see if I hit my A or Q.

River is a 9. I figure I'm screwed, but it's AGAIN checked around to me. So I throw in my $6 at this monster $80-$100 pot.


Not that I'm upset about it... but I just don't get it. But I was sure happy taking that one down.




LOL..itt was late last night when I posted that. The title is supposed to be BIG pot. Sorry guys.


gee why can't i play against people like that

guess everyone who had a pair assuming anyone did thought you had a higher pocket pair

still with the size of the pot, you have to call with a marginal hand there just in case you are winning

still nice catch there hesh


I have run into similar situation before, preflop you were late position and in limit I have noticed a strong tendency for people to stay in the hand wether its 1 bet or 4 doesn't seem to matter once they called the first time, they ARE GONNA SEE THE FLOP :) Normally most stay till the river as well. You just got lucky that no one hit their gutshots, 2 pairs, or any other miracle you can think of LOL and since you were the aggressor they all felt you hit. Notice it alot at the more loose sites. I love hands where everybody is chasin a miracle because you might lose 1 or 2 but if you win one you are WAY UP!


Probably more likely that the ones with any kind of marginal hands were in ealry position, and the late position peeps had high cards like yourself.

The fellas in early position with a pair of 6's or what-not, figured someone of the 7 must have an over-pair or better hand with all the pre-flop action... so the early position peeps folded (with the marginal hands).

And the late position guys were super-super conservative..... with big hole cards and didn't want to make the call.

Extremely rare situation, and very nice steal. :D
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Chasers with money...Nice betting to the end. I can do that and caught with a guy calling with a Q2 off in his hand and hittinga two on the river!


everyone1 waited for straith or to hit their pair... so did you..
no1 hit their draw and they decided that you did get ur straith... which you didn't you just betted no reason bet.. i would say you got lucky..


wow awesome hand for u, dumb hand for whoever u were playing with. im sure everyone wuz sharing cards and no one hit.


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heh you gotta love it when that kinda stuff happens. same thing happened to me a couple days ago.


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Well played on that Hesh, you saw that opportunity to at least try and take it down.

As said earlier, I'd think it was either noone hit a stright, or didnt want to risk any more money
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