Hi all did anyone ever play at riverstars i mean pokerstars. i just got done playing in the $2.00 nl holdem tourney at 10.30 start time at pokerstars.and i had a pair of kings one guy raises the blinds another guy reraises and i am thinking wow action. so the one guy after he raised i go all in one had a pair of deuces the other had a pair of queens,flop comes up 5 9 7 i am thinking wow this is good i hope a deuce or queen dont come up,on the turn an 8 comes up then wouldnt you know it on the river comes up a 6! straight for all.split three ways i am thinking wow i have no luck but it could have been worse o.k a few hands later i am big blind it comes up something 10 4 7 the bets a couple hundred dollar bet i got 10 queen and the next card comes up and does not help either one of us say it was maybe a 9 i think and the guy goes all in i am sitting here with top pair i am thinking what does this guy got a straight? so i call his all in,wouldnt you know he has a ace 4 o.k makes him a pair of 4s and i got top pair and im thinking i can double up now o.k on the river wouldnt you know its another 4 which makes him three of a kind and knocks me out of the tourney this is why i call this place RIVERSTARS and it seems to happen alot to me have a good night all and thanks for listening to my bitchin. player name at riverstars bigboyal bye all



tough luck buddy happens to the best of us!! well maybe see u around pokerstar 69smitty,happy huntings!!!!!!!:ridinghor


HI tmcards ,

yeah it's heavy but i hope you can sleep well....

Riverstars is a tough site but don't we get busted on other sites too ?


Yeah tmcards...its frustrating and its happening everywhere, but where pokerstars is so big it always seems to be given that name...a pokerstars play. I even have a thread started "when pokerstars hit home".... where i had a situation similar to yours, its hard to play poker these days without avoiding it


That hurts. I get river'd at pokerstars all the time. The all in's with 8 4 and pull off a set on the river..... sorry, I'll be o.k soon :eek:)


I've played at pokerstar now and then. I like the freeroll at first but there jsut too many people on the site. So i play at Jetset instead with less people and a lot more chance to win some jetsetpoints.



Ok, so the first hand you explained your opponents got lucky. However, splitting that pot with KK is better than a Q or a 2 coming off.

The second hand where you held Q-10 with a 10-4-7-9 board, I would not reccomend calling an all-in bet with Q-10 unless you were ABSOLUTELY pot commited. Q-10 is not a 'great' hand in this position. You are beat by WAY too many hands. If your opponent had a K-10 or even a 10-9 or 10-7, you would have lost this pot. Yes, you lost to a 5-outer when the cards were flipped, but your call in most cases will have you as the underdog looking to hit a 5-outer.
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