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Ever playing a big hand when the guy next to you bets really big pre flop and then checks post flop leaving you to make a decision to make a bet or to not make a bet. Do you wish you could know if you opponent hit the flop. I’m here to help. “Reading” a person in a game of online poker is much harder then your home or casino live games. There is no facial and emotional aspect of the game online, which leaves one way to read a person.
Betting Patterns
These are exactly what you think they are. What does a person do in certain situations. How much does he bet , does he check raise, does he slow play, is he aggressive, is he passive? Now your thinking how do I remember all of this. Its actually really simple because all of these questions can be broken down into 4 player styles. All you have to do is put you opponents into one of the 4 categories and your next time at the table should be much more profitable.
Playing Style Number 1:
Loose Passive:
These players are simply the fish.
How To Spot Them: They are usually calling stations and want to see every flop. After the flop they will check and call anything to see another cheap card.
How To Play Them: You want to bet into them, not too much though as it scares them away. If the board pairs though, ( 8 9 3 8 ) bet a little more to try scare them out, if they call this means they most likely have a 8 in their hand. If your trying to bluff a LP type of play I would bet really aggressively, bet really big. Try to take as much chips off these guys as you can.
Playing Style Number 2:
Loose Aggressive:
How To Spot Them: These guys like the LP players play a wide variety of hands but do so aggressively. Watch out for these guys as they can drain your bankroll if your not careful. They can hit their hands and burn you without you ever expecting it.
How To Play Them: One word “PAITENCE.
Playing Style Number 3:
Tight Passive
How To Spot Them: These guys never risk to many chips and only play really good hands. They try to last as long as possible and fondly raise.
How To Play Them: Their easy to beat, When they raise they have a hand so you click the fold button. When they are calling simply bet big and take down the pot.
Playing Style Number 4:
Tight Aggressive (You want to be this!)
How To Spot Them: Play a very limited range of starting hands, they will always bet big before the flop and take down pot with big bets. They survive by stealing blinds.
How To Play Them: Its simple. You avoid playing with them if they raise aggressively unless you have a hand. The only problem with this style is its rather easy to read. That’s why you survive by stealing blinds and winning big hands. If you don’t let him win big hands then your chances are much better.
Next time your at the tables try to categorize your opponents into these 4 groups. You’ll know what their doing and you should be able to tell when to put your money in and when to keep it out.


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very good informative....but whose your audience?? this all seems like general knowledge to any poker player that takes a small interest in reading..but assuming its for new players...well done.



Nice thoughts. Spellcheck the whole thing, though. Plus, a few things spellcheck might miss like punctuation, "you're" and "Ever play".
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yeah I noticed the spelling errors. Im aiming this at players who are new to poker or play low/medium stakes.