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Feb 3, 2005
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i was playing at poker host at a free roll and there was only about 30 players left and i got pocket queens and bet all my money left which was about 3500 and then it lagged and after the lag it said i was out of the tourney and finished no.27 and i reviewed the chat and it said i only had 2 pairs aof 3 & 9 and lost to another 2 pairs which was jacks and 3's and was wondering how could that happened when i had a pair of queens and i contacted live help cause it still say at the poker room that im still in the game, in the list of all the players and so itold live chat the problem and also the hand no. and he just asked me if i canstill siton my table which i can't cause when itry to sit it says im already out but on the other hand inthe poker room player list im still in it and then he said he cant do anything about it ,so i said its ok and ty. I didnt tell him thatin an earlier freeroll that i was playing i had about more than 9000 chips when a pop up appeared and said that this table will be removed that was freeroll 11:45 and then the freeroll 11:45 disappeared from the list of freerolls andwhen it came back running i cant find my name onthe list and thats that.Im just saying this to tell you of my experience with them and wanted to know if something like this happened to anyone of you. But i still play at poker host and i actually won from their freerolls twice a 1st and a 2nd placers. and they are still running their free rolls as i say this now and they have it every hour today.thanks and happy gambling!


Apr 1, 2005
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i dont know what you tell you thats kinda crazy .. but tahnk for tellin me about another place that hosts crazy freerolls


Apr 3, 2005
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I was playing a freeroll at United Poker and it threw me pocket jacks, less than a second it switched to q3 suited. I was pssd! I e-mailed them and they sent 5 to my account. Give it a try.