Played a Live Tourney Today.....



I had the day off today so I decided to go to the Atlantis and play a $15 single table shootout. We had 300 starting chips ($2 add on for 100 more chips right at the beginning).
If you don't know what a shootout is, it's a timed game where whoever has the most chips at the end of the time period wins, regardless if there is 2, 3 or 4 others still at the table.
It was an hour long game split into 3- 20 min. sections.
1st 20 min.- 5/10 limit
2nd 20 min.- 10/20 limit
3rd 20 min.- No limit

I didn't like the format (don't like limit) but had gotten up early to play so I was kinda stuck so I made the best of it.

The first 30 min. I was dealt AQ three times.
The first time I flopped TPTK and was chased to the river where the villian caught 2 pair. :(
The second time I flopped a set of Queens and won :)
The third time I flopped an Ace but villian flopped 2 pair and like an idiot I bet to the river and gave him most my chips......

Fortunately I only lost MOST but not ALL my chips on that hand and finally the game switched to NL.........

People started dropping out fast after the switch...
One lady who only played 1 hand previously the whole game pushed all in the 2nd hand into NL and was called by the table maniac chasing fish talker dude.
She turnes over KK, he turns 66 and catches a 6 on the flop to bust her....
The rest of the table pretty much donks each other out, calling with middle pair, calling on draws, calling with K high..... pretty crappy play to tell the truth.... make a long story even longer...... I make it to 3 handed against the 2 big stacks but the time is running short....only 6 min left.......

The 2 big stacks decide to get into it with each other (stupid if you ask me)
and the loser of that hand ends up with just a little more than me......

I push the next hand with Q2 and get called by the middle stack guy.....
He flips K3 and catches 3 on the flop but I also flopped a 2 and lo and behold get another 2 on the river to win the hand (putting me middle stack now)

2 min left...... and the big stack is not playing.....

I push the next hand A7 and get called again by the same guy ( who is now short stack) and win the hand when my Ace high hold up to his K high.....

So now I'm heads up with a little less than 1/2 the big stack.

This is where the tourney format screwed me........ We only had time left for 2 more hands until the end of the game and the big stack looks over to me and says......

"wanna just quit cause you can't blind me out and I'm not playing anymore"

What a total fuk-er...... I end up having to take 2nd and get the grand prize of a FREE PIZZA......

I'm not sure what he took home but it had to be at least $100 bucks or so......

Next time I'm playing the 12:00 game, it's a real NL tourney with escalating blinds and everything.......
Kenzie 96

Kenzie 96

Bummer about the finish Freak but nice playin. Enjoy the pizza anyway.


So basically you paid $15 (or $17) for a pizza and got some good live poker practice. Sounds like a killer deal!
Suited Frenzy

Suited Frenzy

CardsChat Elite
Hey @ least you got some poker play in & @ the same time, got to fill your belly w/ some pizza :)


Can he just quit like that? pfff he was scared. :)

Sounds like fun though; I still haven't visited a casino as the closest one to me is casino niagara which basically is way over my head in terms of stakes. Even though ya lost, remember that some don't have the luxury of goin out for a quick $15 game like that :)
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