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yesterday i played a freerole at noble poker, not the CC one, one of their open ones, 500 players if remember correctly

when the tourney started about half the players were sitting out, not unusual for a freerole, you often see many latecomers and some no-shows, but that is how it remained, none of these sitters out turned up

after a while i noticed something odd was happening, when it was a sitter out's turn for the big blind the site did not post and fold for them but posted and checked

i watched several players in one against one situations actually loose hands to the bb who was sitting out by not betting but checking to the showndown and the sitter out having the better cards, whilst this was amusing it did seem strange

as the tourney proceeded and the blinds increased it got to the stage where the sitters out had to go all-in to post the bb, in this situation even if you bet against them, their hands were not folded but protected by their all-in status and, if they had the best cards at the showdown they doubled up, this enabled them to post their next bb and eventually go all-in again and if they were lucky double up again

some of them just could not be got rid of and were still there when the tourney got to its lower paid places, i'm not sure if any of these sitter outs were the ones who been missing from the start but it would explain why there were so many of them

it all seemed a bit mad to me, am i mistaken but poker sites usually fold the cards of people sitting out, not check them?


All the sites I have played on the sit outs always fold unless they are forced to go all in. Once this happens the player who has put them all in has to win or the sit out doubles up. I have never seen it any different than that.


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sitouts in the BB will be posted and checked at most sites, but if someone raises the pot it will fold them, (example) if its a call the first time around the site will ckeck the sitouts, then comes the flop,if its a check all around the site checks the sitouts and they stay in, BUT if somebody bets the site will auto fold the sitouts. So if your in a pot and its just you and the sitout,or 2 sitouts all you have to do is bet and the site automatically folds the sitouts. if you keep checking they will stay in and if they beat your hand they win the pot without being there, so keep an eye on them it could win you a pot.

P.S. if a sitout is all-in the site keeps them in no matter what happens


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As buckster said, all you've got to do is bet and they'd fold. If you've got no-one behind you active and SB and BB are sitout, a raise is guaranteed chips regardless of what you've got cards wise.

I once watched a head to head confrontation where one had sitout, and the other didn't twig he just had to bet everytime. It took ages for him to win, and I was laughing my head off!

I can't believe you watched several players check down - no-one had worked out what was going on?


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UB only allows the sit outs to go all in. And if its a heads up all in the BB folds and is out of the tournament

If a sit out is in the BB and only 1 person calls the BB the sit out folds the BB. Also after like 10-15 minutes if someone is sitting out and never shows they just remove them.
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yeah, i have played on this site as well. The first table I was in during one of the freerolls only had 2 people who were not sitting out. It was pretty crazy, I actually felt bad when I would take a big chunk of their chips in a pot because of the fact that we were the only one's playing.


yea well when you get a sitout table with you and another guy .. you have to make them pay for sitting out .. you make a deal with the other man at the table to just rake their chips as fast as possible until they are out .. all it takes is a simple raise to make their hands fold .. nothing big .. unless it puts them all in .. then there hand is played out .. which can get annoying but youll have that