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Decided to play a bit last night on royal vegas to get used to it again before tonight's event and the forum challenge. First I played was a $5, 15 seat, 5 per table. Placed 2nd in this one and enjoyed it. Only problem was kept getting bounced to a new table.

Next one I tried was a $10, 20 seat, 10 per table. First table I was on was playing normally - no crazies. Picked up some good hands and moved up to about 4th in chips. Got bounced to another table and this guy just kept going all-in nearly every hand. I hadn't been picking up any cards so I (and the rest of us) just let him steal blinds (50/100 at that time). Finally I picked up AK suited so I raised 4xBB and the all-in guy (seated to my right) immediately went all-in. I called of course (we had about the same in chips) and he rolled Q-5 offsuit.

Needless to say, the flop came J-5-5 and I was gone. You wait for justice and sometimes it doesn't come. Oh well, always next time...


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lol... I hear u loud and clear!!! Sucks when those "every hand all inner's" get lucky and manage to take you out. I just try to remember that their "lotto poker" luck won't last long, soon they will lose. although it might not be me to make it happen or at least see it happen, it will inevitably happen. But hey, if we could play everyone elses hand the way we wanted to, what fun would that be.:eek: :confused: ;) :hello:


Yeah try having almost an identical situation occur live when you raise a ton preflop and get called with 8,7 off 3 7's come out of course I get called again and lose. THEN you get asked I used to be a terrible poker player but I am pretty good now aren't I man? I literally had to change my underwear.


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yeh you see those type of tactics alot when playing freeroles but i never did understand it.surely you can,t win off that type of play but so many people do it.Are these people just trying to spoil it for the rest.another tactic i have seen often is where someone tells you they have to go and tells you their hand everytime,these guys are hard to beat and i do see this at the sit&go tables and they have had some wins from it.