Most amazing hand I've seen yet



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This was a few weeks ago in a sit n go.

I had to sit out this hand, my 10 deuce offsuit wasnt gonna get me in the pot but I had a good laugh after seeing this hand. Probably the most improbable situation you could see and the worse bad beat I've seen. The guy with the Aces had to be feeling really good, until the turn. This is definitely something you had to see yourself for your jaw to hit the floor. OKay on with the log.

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marklar [ Td 2c ]
sigst002 raises [120].
lexie1999 folds.
BluesAlley folds.
webbypoker folds.
napamike raises [200].
jbarron247 folds.
VET2000 folds.
mgilkey calls [180].
Marklar folds.
sigst002 calls [80].
** Dealing Flop ** [ Qs, Ah, 7d ]
mgilkey checks.
sigst002 checks.
napamike bets [640].
mgilkey calls [640].
sigst002 raises [1356].
napamike calls [716].
mgilkey is all-In [810]
sigst002 is all-In [324]
BluesAlley: what is pot committed
BluesAlley: lol
webbypoker: lol
napamike calls [324].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 7h ]
** Dealing River ** [ 8s ]
sigst002 shows [ 7s, 7c ] four of a kind, sevens.
napamike shows [ Qc, Qd ] a full house, Queens full of sevens.
mgilkey shows [ As, Ad ] a full house, Aces full of sevens.
sigst002 wins 460 chips from side pot #1 with four of a kind, sevens.
sigst002 wins 4990 chips from the main pot with four of a kind, sevens.


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Now that is a crazy hand..Three players in the pot and all three of them hit sets on the flop..Then, as lady luck decides to poop on us as she often does she goes ahead and gives the case 7 to the worst hand.. Amazing!


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Holy crap. Only way that could be any crazier is if the Q on the board was a heart, there was a 4th person with KJ hearts who went all-in on the flop, and after the turn gave the one guy quads, a river 10h gave the other guy a winning royal flush : )


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thats bad but ive had it worse than that.. had AA, raised it big enough to take the guy in the BB allin.. he called, shows Pocket 3's..

Flop come: A63
Turn: 3

forgot the river, but he beat me an then i ended up going out on the bubble! :mad: :mad: :mad:

remember i stopped playin poker for the night after that, couldn't believe how unlucky i was!

EDIT: never saw the AA at the bottom of your post! yeh that is bad!


Serves mgilkey right for not re-raising pre-flop.
If he was playing on PS a higher raise wouldn't have made much of a dif, knowing that PS is full of players who call with low - mid pockets no matter what the raise.
Tough break though
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