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Hello All:

This won't be another sob story- this is result's of my playing poker as of lately. I will start this one off with that old saying (Keep your eye's on the prize), lately i found myself playing probably 4-5 hours every day on the internet. I do alright an win $5 here- $10 there spread out over several different site's. If i recall correctly-I think it was Irish Dave? who reminded me of this, an i simply forgot about it, #1- it's not good to spend that amount of time on-line everyday- you get burned out an make two many bad decision's, also if your like me it's quality time your robbing your love one's from. #2- i had like 10-15 different site's saved on my comp to pick an choose from to try an place on each site, some $1 tourney's an some freeroll's. I have taken them all off since then (not to encourage anyone) just my choice I will only concentrate on CD Poker/partypoker, an Titan because we play there, I really dont like the Prima site's. #3 Not to get off-track but I love the level of competition we have during our game's an the comradery we have here, also i plan to remain Loyal to Cardschat through-out my poker career- an continue to learn from you guy's/gal's.
#4 So in closing, my goal is to only play 1-2 game's daily to be able to concentrate more an increase my poker skills (I rank my level of play on a scale 1-10 a 5.0). Dont get me wrong im not doubting myself, im just realizing my range, cause we all can learn something new everyday(Mental Note).

P.S. I know we have the on-line challenge coming up an i already pre-registerd so i should be good, gl2u all and see you at the table's.

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Thats a good plan Sherm,, if i play to much i lose my ability to concentrate, and the older i get the less i feel like playing, stick to your plan and let us know the results,, gl sherm >>>>>>>>. buck:cool: :joyman:


Way to go Sherm. You need to set your priorities straight. Hope all goes well for you and remember "dedication,dedication,dedication!"


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I know I go through periods of time where I get like all-consumed with poker, I'll be playing on lunch breaks and most of the night after I get off work until the early hours in the morning. I don't get burned out during these periods, and I play so much because I'm doing well. When I hit a bad streak, quite honestly I get pissed off, withdraw my money, and quit playing for a while. That's not a great strategy, because I should be able to play through the low spots, however.. I know myself, and I know that I will do something stupid like climb up the limits and lose it all, so I cut my losses and chill out for a while.

Then again, I don't have a girlfriend, wife, kids, or anything. And I don't really have many responsibilities outside of work, so I can afford to play like that. And it's not always poker, I go on my streakd of playing online roleplaying games like.. World of Warcraft, or Guild Wars, or Second Life.

Well, I guess I never do actually completely quit poker like I with my RPGs. I just quit playing for cash for a while and play freerolls, and bar-poker, and play-money.