I'm getting there......



It isn't first but I am getting there!
I couldn't for some odd reason get a screen shot at Jetset for this. I'm not sure why but I had them mail this to me after trying 5 times. This was a $1.00 buyin NL(no rebuys or addon tourney) There were 98 players in this tournament, but I deleted the lower half of the tournament email so this thing wouldn't go on for days.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tournament #992948 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Tournament Started: 05/29/2006 08:45:00
Tournament Ended: 05/29/2006 11:51:06

1) Jknee (Chesapeake) (won $24.50)
2) DESSERTLADY (Broken Arrow) (won $14.70)
3) DeeJ515 (Chuluota) (won $9.80)
4) NWAviator (Seattle) (won $6.86)
5) typeman (Cincinnati) (won $5.88)
6) kinyo (bring it on) (won $4.90)
7) b-rad4life (st stephen) (won $3.92)
8) Joe23 (Brooklyn) (won $3.33)
9) koops43 (dandenong) (won $2.94)
10) _Freeza_ (New Hyde Park) (won $2.35)
11) vanni2003 (Wayne) (won $2.35)
12) DDthureee (Baltic) (won $2.35)
13) stets36 (sxzflutterbye is my lady) (won $2.35)
14) dpw124 (lincolnshire) (won $2.35)
15) haf64 (treasure island) (won $2.35)
16) UrChipQueen (milan) (won $2.35)
17) *Tea Jenny* (EDINBURGH) (won $2.35)
18) NEVES 00 (CRAWLEY) (won $2.35)
19) wantyourchips (Stratford)
20) tippy (hazleton)
21) TopazPlayboy (Los Angeles)
22) MrZupko (Bennington)
23) Kymmers (Svendborg)
24) The-KingD (illinois)
25) Watoos (The Bus is Home)
26) vinmac_0 (windsor)
27) LordSkie (Middlesex)
28) cweath (IT`s not POKER ,,,,, IT`s A PROGRAM)
29) Figmant (Webster)
30) rahowell (gilbertville)
31) thecatalyst (Tempe)
32) summerrain (" Time Well Wasted ")
33) CashMonster (Monett)
34) Dee12 (Airdrie)
35) loveablekit (st.peters)
36) PktSexys (Canfield)
37) Licrew1 (mastic beach)
38) sweet shugaaa (saint john)
39) JennaJameson (My sex change operation went well-Thx for askin)
40) turbo-wardog (Hazard, Ky no chat)
41) qbert301 (Stroudsburg)
42) JaMmY_HuRE (ireland)
43) Filazafer (Pendleton)
44) venomizer
45) mrsmills25 (uniontown)
46) truck4339 (west baden springs)
47) LOUIE61 (Greensburg)
48) Persen (Svendborg Denmark)
49) triztothenth (chicago)
50) evenorodd (heres ur sign)

I got the cards when I needed them and stole a few pots here and there. Hand to hand happened twice on this thing and I kept folding unless I had a really strong hand or I was in my BB and they let me see a flop, which seemed like forever(I think hand to hand the last time took about 15-20 mins. because the shortstack on the bubble chipped up quite a bit)
I have played in tournaments with the winner of this one before and she is a good player. When I went head to head with her I have to say she had me outstacked 100 to 1 lol, I know she had over 100,000. but I held my own for a bit anyways but I just kept getting junk. 23,83, I saw some flops with some of these but just no help with them. It's funny how it ended because some of these hands are how my tournament began. I just came full circle in it :)

I have to owe Cardschat for alot of my improvement. Thanks guys. I know again it isn't first but I am happy :D


Rock Star
Excellent achievement, well done!!! :)

It's been a while since I've placed as high as that in a MTT, your obviously playing well.

Keep up the good work!



Nice job Tina!! :D
well done - it's always tough to place that high, even when your cards are hitting...
again congrats and may there be many more like this to come (and hopefully some "1st's"! :)