how to play freerolls?



hello all,
As many of you know I am a new member to these forums and I am new to the online poker scene. I am quite addicted to playing tourneys online as i find these the most fulfilling. I especially like the freerolls. I do have a problem in the freerolls though. I do not know how to play them very well. I feel my poker at live level is very good i have read many poker books and i very rarely suffer losses at live poker. But my main advantage in live is being able to read other players very well. This is something that you can not do very well on online poker. Although i have already learnt how to read people via betting habbits this only helps me in the late stages of tourneys where u are not switching tables often and such.
Ok theres the back ground
My Main question is Could anybody give me some tips on how to play the early stages of freerolls and a general strategy to go by in the early rounds.

thank you so much in advance any tips or strats are greatly appreciated.


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wait for good hands, and only go in if theyre cheap pots. like, you have 33 and start with 1500 chips. someone bets 500 chips, dont go in with it. main point for me is just wait for good hands. thats what places me top 10

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I wouldn't call myself very good at freerolls, my best finish is like 88th :p I know it isnt very good. I am starting to like the limit freerolls, i.e. Omaha and HORSE. I have found that the chance of me going out early are far less.

Now to answer your question. If i have less then a pair of jacks and there is a big bet out on the table most of the time I am going to fold. Even with lower cards on the board the chances of sets are far greater with so many people. bluffing doesn't really work in the opening rounds, everyone is looking to horde chips at whatever cost, some will make terrible calls with just draws and out draw you. Unless you have the nuts I wouldn't risk myself early.

In the early rounds if the blinds are say 10/20 and you have 1,500 and everyone limps around ill call with just about any hand, seeing a flop for that cheap will only help your chances, after the flop I usually get out unless I catch a monster.

Hope this helps a little....


There is no one strategy that works in every freeroll. Best way to win is adjust to table. Unfortunately, because they're free, a lot of people just try to get lucky, rather than trying to play solid poker. Calling stations and chasers are wild in the beginning. Play the best you can and don't try moves in the beginning. Get your money in the pot, and as much as possible within reason, when you have the best hand and hope it holds up. Then you yourself have to decide,if you survive, when there are mostly solid players left. Then you might be able to use a couple moves to move yourself up.


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Playing freerolls is tough for the first hour or so. If I play patiently and don't get greedy I will usually put myself in the top 25% within the first two blind raises. I also never play the first hand in a freeroll. I broke that rule the other day with pocket aces and lost to a 5 7 offsuit.

*New rule: Don't break any of my own rules!
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