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Nov 10, 2005
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Problem with full tilt poker: They raised the points costs of most of the items in the Full Tilt store. IE: A book now costs 2/3 the price of a barstool.

Problem with Ultimatebet: They not only raised the costs in the store, but they now only award points to players who contribute to the rake. Now if you fold crappy hands, it's no points for you. They used to give all players points, like Full Tilt Poker still does now. This is especially affects bonuses because they are tied to points earned.

After seeing these changes, I decided to email complaints to each site and get their side of things. I tried 2 months ago and got no response from either. So I tried each again recently and finally did get responses:

Subject: Points accrual changes are very bad!![#6642085]

I just recently noticed the changes Ultimatebet has made in the way Ultimatebet points are earned. Previously, everyone dealt a hand at the table got points (or a fraction) depending on the size of the rake. Now only players who contribute to the pot get points. If you think of it in that a good player only plays on average 3-4 hands per round including the blinds, then UB has made it 2-3 times more difficult to earn points and clear bonuses. And to top it off, the price of a UB hat went from 2400 to 4000 points.

My Suggestion: Stop making things more difficult for your customers!!!!

UB lost players with the botched "upgrade" over a year ago. UB lost players with the limitation to 4 hand histories viewed (thankfully reversed). Now, I bet UB is losing players due to the latest difficulty in points earning and bonus clearing. With all the competing poker sites out there and the news that the "poker boom" is slowing, you want to entice your players to stay and not give them reason to leave. Please consider this when making changes to your site.

Thanks for your time,

Mike xxxxxxx
UB ID: Sticky66

Dear Mr. xxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting us.

We realize that modifying the terms under which our bonus clears can be upsetting to some of our players, and it is not a decision that we take lightly. Over the years, very few changes have been made to these terms and conditions, but from time to time business considerations require that we review our promotions and make adjustments. This turnover applies equally to all player accounts from the date the conditions were modified. Any contribution to the pot will recognize you as a contributor to rake and therefore will qualify you to receive points.

Our play-through requirements to release bonus funds are very much in line with the industry standards, and are in fact more liberal than many of the other top-tier poker sites. It is our intention to continue to provide our players with many opportunities to earn bonus funds. The point structure has also been expanded to games where it was not previously offered.
Players that enjoy the games that we host are able to access these funds in a timely and easy manner, without any restrictions that are overly onerous.

For information regarding our bonuses and promotions, please refer to the following link:

[old link~tb]

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance or additional information.

Best regards,

Ultimate Bet ~ Customer Support
'The Ultimate Poker Experience'
[old link~tb]

Ensure the security of your account! Never give out your password and change it frequently!
Re: Points costs too high!!

I think it is a very bad idea for FTP to raise the points costs of items
in the Full Tilt Store. Some items nearly double? A book that was 5000 points is now 9100? And that same book is now nearly 2/3 the cost of a 14,000-point barstool? Why? Do you NOT want to ship books now? Do you like them just sitting around in your dropshipper's warehouse?

With news of the poker boom calming and online poker competitors fighting for every customer, it might be a good idea to make things BETTER for your customers and not worse. I hope FTP seriously rethinks this poor move.

Mike xxxxxxx
FTP ID: MrSticker

Hello Mike,

Thank you for your email. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you or any of our other players. The prices in our store are always subject to change without notice, due to updated shipping costs or other factors. The point value for the books is based on the retail cost of the book.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you,

Full Tilt Store

Both responses are pretty much bunk. If they gave better reasons for the changes, I'd be able to accept them. But these both stink, IMO.
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Sep 19, 2007
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I agree that those points are way to high for the items. On the other hand, I think pokerstars has very reasonable "prices" in there store. What do you think?


Jul 28, 2007
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Look at bright side. The book will do a lot more for your game than the bar stool and it is cheaper.


Sep 24, 2007
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well i have never played real money on ultimate bet but i have cleared some fulltilt bonuses and there point system is allright.i think that poker stars point system is the best and their store is pretty good........ecspeacially if your a vip....porsche lol ashton martin lol
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