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Jan 22, 2007
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I emailed full tilt a couple of days ago but no response yet so I figured I would ask this place of great knowledge a couple questions about it. They have some $2 and $3 rebuy satties for their rebuy FTOPS events. The questions I have if anyone knows are:

1) If you sattie your way into these events, you are only winning your initial entry fee correct? Basically you will be responsible for any rebuys or add ons?

The people that are playing these small satties for the most part probably won't have the BR for paying $100 or more for rebuy's and add-on's, which is why I ask.

2) Can you unregister to the tournies on FT and take the money or T$ like on stars, or are you responsible for playing? The few satties that I've won on FT (that I can remember) i've actually played in the event and never tried to unregister.

BTW: If you didn't know and are interested, this FTOPS looks to have some really nice GTD tournies. Even more then the past FTOPS' that I can remember.


Dec 30, 2006
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My understanding from wshen this came up before is that qualifying for a FT tourney whru a satty requires you play it. IOW, no you can't unreguster and use the $ for some other event.

Qualifying into a rebuy tourney ONLY covers your initial entry fee;rebuys and addins are on you.


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Jul 15, 2007
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This is posted for FTOPS satilittes .

This is a new promo they have

For die-hard tournament players, the only thing better than winning a satellite entry into one of our exciting FTOPS V tournaments is winning a lot of satellite entries into these events. That's why we've decided to reward our satellite stars with our FTOPS V Satellite Challenge.
Competing in this challenge couldn't be easier. Win your first entry into one of our daily FTOPS V tournaments and we'll automatically register you for the event. For every other satellite entry you win into that event, we'll credit your player account with cash equal to the tournament entry. For example, if you win five satellites into our $500+$35 FTOPS V Main Event, you'll receive your tournament entry and $2,140 cash in your account.
If you win more event entries than anyone else, we'll credit your account with the equivalent of two more buy-ins. If you finish in 2nd place in any of our FTOPS V Satellite Challenges, we'll credit your account with the equivalent of one more buy-in.
Start playing today and shine in the Satellite Challenge.


Jul 16, 2007
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and yes you will have to pay for rebuys.

I have sat'ed into several FTOPS events, and cashed in a couple. FTOPS are great fun and a big thrill with so much on the line. Was even at tables with some of the FT pros, and busted one of the previous winners.

Good Luck
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