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Appears to be holding out. Screw party poker and the rest of them, we still have FT!

Regarding the State of Your Online Poker Experience
Posted by Full Tilt Poker

As many people are well aware, the United States Congress recently passed legislation that aims to make it illegal for U.S. banks to process transactions related to online gaming.

We, like all online poker players, are dismayed and saddened by these potential regulations, and are doing our best to determine what these changes will mean to our customers. We are continuing to study this legislation and, until our investigation is complete, believe it would be wrong to comment on how these new rules will impact the ability for players to transfer funds to and from Full Tilt Poker.

In the short term, we assure you that your online experience at Full Tilt Poker will not change. You will still be able to deposit and withdraw money from the site using the same methods and payment processors you have always used, and your money will remain completely safe and secure. We cannot predict how the online poker experience may change in the future, but we do not expect any immediate impact from the legislation, as the banking industry has 270 days to implement new rules after the bill is signed.

It is also important to note that, once signed, the new legislation will not criminalize individuals for playing poker online. Instead, the bill will eventually attempt to prevent the transfer of funds to online gaming. As poker is a game of skill rather than pure chance, we hope that it will not be affected by this new bill. Speculation aside, however, we will continue to work closely with organizations like the Poker Player's Alliance to lobby for an exemption for online poker and for your right to play a truly American game from the privacy of your own home and computer.

While this last-minute congressional move has undoubtedly caused concern among our players, we want to assure you that Full Tilt Poker is legally regulated and licensed to offer its services to anyone around the world and that your day-to-day experience at the site will remain unchanged in all respects.

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So, basically what they are saying is: "If you're going to deposit, do it now!"


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Exactly my friend clay, if you want to deposit, then do it now, otherwise just keep playing with the earned money that you have stored up in your full tilt account like the rest of us decent people. If you cant make enough cash to keep a bankroll on the books, then maybe poker isn't the sport for you -- who am I kidding, it is a game afterall isn't it, and there is a reason why the term "bad beat" exists, because even the best-looking hand in a given situation can be broken, that aaa with jj, can always get beat by the jj, when j's are on the board. Thank god capital casino in sac has a bad beat jackpot for just that situation, if aces full of jacks or better get broken (typically by quads), the casino rewards you with one of their jackpots. The other one is for when quads get broke, 8's or higher, and I happen to know one guy who won both bad beat jackpots within 3 hours for a total takehome of 164,500 dollars -- more than a couple years salary for most folks. Now here is my final and definitive question, why is there no bad beat rewards in online poker play -- this is something that exists at tons of casino's and is completely void in online poker sites. Anyone with any suggestions? When my aaa, qq, got broke by four queens, and I lost about 640 dollars on one hand, I was about to bitch to full tilt -- but I knew that would be equivalent to appealing a parking ticket, for the most part, the answer is no go. Other than that though, I enjoy the play (other than early all in cowboys) at the full tilt tourneys, and I noticed that the caliber of play was well stepped up with the cardschat.com tourney -- giving me a little more respect for this entire crew here. If anyone has any question, answers, comments, statements, or mere entertaining aphorisms, please respond soon.

Until then,
May your suited runners turn to str8 flushies,
your trips into boats,
and your boats into quads.

William -- aka LilBilTheKid.


If they pass the law to where you can no longer deposit money, you can still win money in the freerolls right? I hope so.


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This thread is very old - not really worth digging up at this point.
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